TC, where is my Ice Kait skin?

I activated the code, but never got the skin.

Playing in Steam. Сode activated in Microsoft Store. Restarting the game and logging in did not help. TC, maybe you want to start your path of redemption right from here? =/

TC, say please:

  • All this is just a joke
  • In fact you did not create a game, but a simulator of patience and expectation
  • Steamlivesdonotmatter
  • The entire budget allocated by Microsoft was spent on donuts for Octus

Just say it.

If you can’t find it, submit a request.

Octus has already left TC.

I am already standing in this endless line. Thank.

@Ektope can you connect the Steam version of the game to all the MS systems and Xbox Cloud for codes and stuff? Or is that the problem?

I can’t answer that. Only someone who bought the game on Steam can.

I performed all the manipulations that came to my mind:

  • Log in XBox Live.
  • Log in XBox (PC).
  • Connection of the Steam to Microsoft in the game.
  • (Log out / Log in) was also performed in all the listed systems.
  • Reinstalling the game in Steam did not help.

I had no problems synchronizing content even after the Road To Gears 5 event. When I switched from GOW4 (MS) to G5 (Steam) all the content was successfully transferred.

But I experienced a failure while getting an item outside the game.

They shove their game into a third-party store. They shove their skin into a box from a limited controller. They ask for money for all this, but, damn it, it’s elementary to synchronize two playgrounds for them an impossible task.

Just a dead game with a dead service =(

It got… ICED! :slightly_smiling_face::arrow_right::sunglasses: