TC where are you?

Morning Gears, as title suggests, where are TC, Rod etc.
The front page of full and I mean FULL of negativity, anger, disappointment and disbelief about what has been happening and is happening since release. and yet and not for the first time we have no answers or communication.

We know us fans moan about anything and everything, that is a given, however I do feel a lot of the complaints and concerns (we Love Gears after all) are absolutely legitimate and that harm is being done to our beloved game.

I implore TC to start addressing the plethora of issues a vast majority of us are experiencing.


I was thinking they should shut down the game due “maintenance” for a couple of days…or weeks .

Then “re launch” without so many problems and bugs
Don’t know, I don’t mind waiting until they really finish the game
And found a middle ground between their greed and reasonable prices in store.with mt


Agreed man, I was on Reddit and @TC_Octus replied to a meme and couldn’t help but think wtf? The official forums get ■■■■ all for info but a meme gets your attention. It was really hilarious though but f that tell us what the ■■■■ is going on. In gow4 I couldn’t play for 2 years do to Nvidia freezes…2 years and all they ever said is its being investigated. Now more dark with 5. Wtf is wrong with these MF? Just keep us in the loop.


I spent 85 dollars lets hope theres no 10 dollar carmine dlc just to play as carmine and other characters


I think that would be a good idea, almost impossible to see them doing this though.

I always tell my daughter that if something goes wrong that was down to her, to accept responsibility for things and to rectify as much as possible and doing this is the mark of a good person, how I wish TC did this.


They communicate pretty frequently on Twitter.

They could at the very least copy & paste that info here.
I don’t have any desire to dive into the arsend of the internet just to get information that should be available on their official website.


As I understand you are correct, I don’t have a Twitter account though. But even if they do I would imagine that their account is also getting lots of negativity about the ever growing amount of issues with the game.

Also they should be posting to this site as well.


This is their Official forum I could give 2 â– â– â– â– â–  about Twitter.

  I really think the news tab they built in the game would be a great way to communicate.   I should be able to get information about my xbox or its games on the xbox before twitter IMO.

This whole launch has been beyond unacceptable. Despite the amount of flak Gears 4 got, I generally praised the game and the devs for making it so polished.

But oh man, this launch has more bugs than I’ve ever seen for a game and I don’t think any of them have been fixed thus far. Even if some random ones have been fixed, the ratio of fixes to new bugs is certainly less than 1.

Just take today for example… They had a bug with double stars not working. How did they fix it? They made it so you couldn’t earn any stars, XP or rank at all!


Agreed. I played it last night. It was bad enough the movement is totally off and I can’t see anything because of this ugly inverse Omen, but the game itself was very laggy and full of inconsistent audio.

Don’t get me started on the killcam either…

Gears of War 4 is much, much better.


Fixed for you mate :slight_smile:


They are off counting that game pass money. They have no real reason to deal with this game till after Christmas and then there will not be a player base so then there really will be nothing left to do.

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I don’t use Twitter. I’ve honestly never seen the point to it. This is the official forums though, ■■■■ a copy and paste of info from @TC_Octus wouldn’t be too much to ask.

Their lack of direct answers regardless of platform is disgusting, this isn’t some ■■■■ indie game that had a kickstarter, this is a fully fledged game series with a pretty hardcore and loyal fanbase. Backed by Microsoft studios.

We deserve better than these greed driven dafties. Game has so many problems it’s unreal and the people defending need to stop being massive cucks.


Haha too true mate :+1:.

It amazes me the lack of communication TC provide via their official forum. It doesn’t surprise me though. I literally have no respect for TC, it was lost from 4. Which is the reason I decided I wouldn’t buy another Gears game from them. Which I haven’t. But the smart marketers and damage control people over at TC and Xbox, decided to add it to GamePass. So of course I played it, being a GP subscriber anyway.

Despite the game feeling nothing like the GoW I loved growing up, I didn’t necessarily hate it. I changed to the required play style, which was extremely easy to do. This game has become so easy. So naturally, I was bored even before the 2 week mark.

But what really put a distaste in my mouth, and really solidified my opinion of TC - is their complete lack of acknowledging their community. I’ve seen a few people mention that they often communicate via twitter. Well that’s good, do people even use twitter anymore? Why in the heck wouldn’t they at the very least, copy and paste whatever BS they’re spewing into their official site and forum!? It baffles me.


Games already slipped way down the most played charts which is very embarrassing considering it’s on gamepass lol

Yeah it’s quite shocking.

Quick scroll through page one here and it’s all issues and problems and hate… they aren’t addressing anything properly but then say they are quite hurt that people are complaining. :joy:


I was just wondering what would happen if we as an entire community would ask for our money back for a game thats broken isn’t that the way to go ? You buy any other product at a store if it doesn’t work you bring it back why should tc get away with it or Microsoft we are thousands or millions of people that have there broken game let us see them ignore us then .see who would be laughing then .