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Tc when is the flash bang on screen glitch getting fixed?

You said it would be fixed in the last TU but it wasn’t. It’s been a glitch for months and seems like a easy fix. And this could be a game breaking bug cause it ruins a lot of my games.

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I have never experienced this glitch before but it happened to me for the first time today. So damn annoying.

It’s depressing to think this glitch only started happening to me after the supposed fix went through. Now it happens at least every session I play. Very frustrating.

All fathers Arena is the worst, too. For some reason this map is affected the worst from it, in my experience at least .

I hadn’t seen it once before but I had it twice tonight. Come on TC…

I’d also never seen this until they ‘fixed’ it.
Had it for a whole night last week.

Tc and their ‘fixes’ lol

Hell, the last match I played tonight on AFA (of course) it happened to me in the very first round — while in spectator mode! Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before as it usually only happens when I die while flashed.

Just another thing they’ve yet to fix since launch, which makes me question why I sill bother loading this game up. It’s just a broken mess lol

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