TC when are you going to make gears of war 4 playable on most pcs?

its been 3 years and gears of war 4 pc still runs bad or doesnt even work on most hardware. after upgrading recently the game runs now but has alot of frame problems, i was wondering are you ever going to fix it or do you just like taking peoples money and not giving them a good product. the microsoft store pc reviews show the problems. even when i dont want to play gears of broken 5 when i try 4 its still pretty broken?


Nvidia forums, Microsoft store, personal experience and many friends game doesn’t work on older Nvidia cards game crashes on startup I can only find forums of people posting issues to recent 2019 but can’t find official articles that address it but Microsoft and other articles have put up possible fixes and to be honest most of them don’t work.

It’s a major issue but here we have people trying to sidetrack threads where fans are seeking help. Bravo there. Feel proud of yourself.


When I had a 1060 before upgrading to a 2070 the game wouldn’t even work would black screen and lock up pc now the game kind of works but massive fps issues and lock ups randomly

Some people around here are just angry and try to drag everyone else down with them. It’s unlikely “most” but your point still stands. The game earned a 52 % score on Steam for a reason. It doesn’t work right.

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I know the gears 4 and 5 are more broken on PC then Xbox some people don’t understand that. The Microsoft store for gears of war pc about half are taking about how they can play the game the facts are out there

I wasn’t referring to you, you’ve been nothing but reasonable. I asked for a source, because I was unaware this was an issue, and you provided one.

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Thank you very much, sir. That was indeed my intention, I had no clue this was a thing all these years later.

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Yeah this why PC player population on gears 4 was miniscule, so many people including myself have encountered endless problems even 3 years after launch

Huh. Yeah, I would never have guessed. I felt like I saw PC players more often in 4 than I do in 5, but I admit my perception is fuzzy at times. That’s a real shame, because I love Play Anywhere games, I’m a huge fan of being able to pick it up on PC from where I left off on X-Box, but these kind of optimization problems might be why there barely ever seems to be more than a handful of Play Anywhere titles, even three years later.

i agree the play anywhere and crossplay is good for the long term health of a game and also brings more availability, but for some reason Microsoft has butchered it with the gears of war series.

Well, I haven’t had trouble with the Gears games, but I’ve had plenty with other Play Anywhere games. Shadow of War being the worst for me. Play Anywhere sounds like the perfect concept in theory, but the execution is apparently lackluster. I suspect this may be why Play Anywhere titles have become few and far between, perhaps Microsoft decided to abandon the concept in favor of Xcloud, which (assuming you can meet the streaming requirements) would eliminate the optimization issues.

yeah possibly i just hope both gears 4 and 5 can be ideally working with minimal issues. i want to be able to play the game without it being broken. i think they atleast owe pc and console players that

Did you take a break from the forums during gears 4s lifespan? Serious question.

This forum was full of posts from people experiencing the issues the OP described. I experienced them too.

The source in this case is a simple forum search. The noise about it started to die down after a while because most affected people just gave up on the game because TC/Nvidia never fixed it.


I was actually permabanned from the forums a few months in, now that you mention it. Logged in right after 5 released to unexpectedly find I had been paroled.

That explains it then. It was pretty much impossible to miss the posts on it for the first few years of the games lifespan

its sad how it was ignored and is still being ignored, im playing a bit of gears 5 rightnow and i crashed once already and the game i got in i had metal man running around, and teammate experincing invisble players what the â– â– â– â–  is going on lol

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Swearing =/= Meltdown. Weirdo.

Doubt it