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TC whats your compensation for us?

So many of us have pre-ordered this game in the expectation we would be able to fully play the game either MP (my only interest) or story (which i care not about) AND YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DELIVER ON THIS FALSE PRE-ORDER claim of playing 5 days early ( zero mention of server issues in the pre-order description i payed for),
So as you have clearly not fulfilled this or honored the pre-order claim what sort of compensation will you be implementing?
Your fan-base has given the Microsoft company millions and millions of currency from sales so the least you should be doing besides kissing our butts in apologies for yet again a shambles of a launch just like gears 4 pre order 3 years back is to show you actually care about the community that basically pays your wages by dishing out something to show how embarrassed,horrified and generally disgusted you are about how you have treated us all .

Of course compensation can come in many forms so i would never expect Microsoft to give financial compensations as that is just something they never do for anything (and not what i am pushing for).

So i suggest some sort of in game compensation like currency or customization add-ons being given free and not some cue-ball skin but something meaningful and worthy because what is happening is unacceptable and you too should accept this is unacceptable ,we had tech tests ,you knew there was going to be huge amounts of people coming online to play and you have allowed this to occur again and again.



Agreed. I’d also like my ULTIMATE EDITION CONTENT I was promised. I have game pass ultimate. I’m sharing gamepass. I HAVE GAME PASS. GIVE ME My 30 day boost and halo characters!!!


I have 56 days of boost right now. Not really sure how. But it’s cool I guess.


The first time i got onto gears 5 i had 30 days bonus then next i noticed 40 something then 57 then it went down to 52 yet i havnt even used it.
I literally have no idea how you use but its gone down by days already.weird


Paid for ultimate edition… All I received was ultimate disappointment. I stayed up for release and only got to play 1/2 a game before it wouldn’t let me play. So I decided to wait till next day and maybe it would work. No surprise it didn’t work. Waited 30minutes to get into a game and 2 minutes later got booted. Learned my lesson never paying for early release anymore. Because you never get to play the early release… wasted my money should have just got the regular edition one month later after release maybe then I could play…


Black phantom skins? Lol I wish

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For some reason I have a black phantom skin unlocked for the talon pistol. No idea how.


I have an idea:
Next 2 DLCs they launch will be totally free for pre-order players.

But, again, I doubt they will even compensate us in any way.
Right now, I just want to be able to play my â– â– â– â– â– â–  game, which is soundless by now. Dude, THE GAME HAS NO â– â– â– â– â– â–  AUDIO, even after TONS of troubleshooting.


Me too

Justin Bieber hero character🤞


If you’re using somebody else’s gamepass you likely won’t get the ultimate content as it is not tied with your account, rather to the person who owns the gamepass subscription


Yes, that is what they’re claiming. But this isn’t the case for other games while gamesharing. Just this game does this.

I have content from other games that have dlc and season passes that I have not purchased on this account and they work fine.

Okay that’s cool, but you can’t really complain about not receiving something you didn’t pay for.


Well here’s where that’s wrong… lol. I did pay for it. On another account. Also none of the gameshare exclusion was even mentioned before the game was released…

It says play gears 5 ultimate edition with gamepass ultimate…guess what… I have gears ultimate edition because I’m playing early. It also says I have game pass ultimate. So where is my UE content? There wasn’t any fine print before the game came out. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

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Paid $80 for this ■■■■ and can’t even play the damn thing… to only be able to get in 7matches between 2 days and some don’t even register Xp or any benefits is ridiculous


Maybe TC should have focused on this thing called the game first and foremost, and left all the dumb cameo character BS for after the game was polished and great.

Want to play that cool looking Halo character? Sorry Gears 5 isn’t done yet. Want to play the campaign? Sorry Gears 5 isn’t done yet. Want to play Escape? Sorry Gears 5 isn’t done yet.


This is stupid. I can’t even log into the game right now to play the campaign or to see if I can get the sound to work properly. After the botched 4 release and now this who ever in charge of it should be fired or at the very least demoted.


I have jumped back onto GOW 4 to play MP since it is not working or staying connected in 5.


Well, legally they are obliged to offer some kind of financial compensation to accomodate for OUR financial loss, already contacted the consumer office in my country and yes, this would amount to false advertisement and failure to provide the advertised product

I’ll be waiting and giving TC a chance to offer us something MEANINGFULL on their own, otherwise i will file a complaint against them, forcing TC/MS to refund me for the falsly-advertised early access

Its the law, they cannot do otherwise


Good luck with that.

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