TC we need maps ASAP

I can’t stress enough how badly we need maps sooner then every 3 months. Come March we will still have only 8 maps In this game. I do not count gears 4 transfer maps and escape tile ffa maps. Operation 3 NEEDS to have atleast 3-4 new versus maps. This is getting ridiculous. I much prefer 2 maps a month like gears 4 did even if the remakes weren’t what we wanted.

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Spot on…but without a season pass their not obligated to give more maps…at a reasonable rate…i see more of 4s maps coming…they seem to struggle producing good maps…for horde or verses🙄

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Ya I can’t believe in a half of a year we will still only have 8 new maps. In a half year in gears 4 it already had 16 maps. Lol

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Bad enough game still a work in progress…but the lack of maps is also why peeps are moving on…drip feed n grindy nonsense just adds to the frustration :expressionless:

Tc needs to answer this map problem but I know they never will

Yep your right :+1:

Gears 5 should have launched with 15-20 maps.

And we should be getting 2 maps per month.

1 can be a remake and 1 new.

For a Dev like TC,

Shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Watch they will say we are going to love operation 3 and won’t be disappointed and we will get 1 new map and another gears 4 map. Maybe another ffa map and some characters. Smh

yes, new maps for horde, pvp, pve and escape

Atleast launched with 10 maps and every operation have 2-3 new versus maps. But no they launched with 7 maps and first operation on gave us 1 new map lol


And the same 3-4 come up every single game :joy:


We will probably get one new map for operation 3 and Impact or Impact Dark for the other map.

Let’s not get to excited or go to crazy TC


gridlock!!! :hugs:

I think FFA is a great add-on for gears.
but now they need to make maps for different game modes.
If they just focused on making a lot of maps we could have played the old game modes withouth it getting stale.

we were desperate for more maps at launch and we’re pretty much no better off now over 4 months later. One new Map (which I’m not a fan of) and another Gears 4 remake. what a bunch of jokers.

Gears 5 had the fewest number of maps available at launch than any other gears title, disgraceful.