Tc wanted us to play other game modes

They forced some of us to play game modes we hate so instead me and some of my friends no longer buy any content from store and we play other games. There is no redeeming gears 5. Doing 4 v 4 tdm with one buddy wont cut it lol. Good job tc you ran more vets into the other direction by plain out stupidity.


I never thought I’d see the day when the god himself, Knockout2847 left Gears. All my memorabilia is worthless now.

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Lmao i kno my dude sorry i only signed a few things :frowning:



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a “yo mama” joke was flagged lol


Yup. Only played like 5 games the past 2 days.

King is not my style. I hate having to lancer 80% of my battles. It really is annoying.

The power weapons are meaningless when you can just have someone anchor a close spawn.

Not to mention each match is 30-40 minutes long… seriously…

King matches suck the life out of me. I’m no chump either. I beat master stacks & the top 5 king players solo, & they were squaded to the gills, but cmon…

Miss the tdm gnasher battles because they actually meant something.

Power weapons in TDM meant something.

Grid iron isn’t my style either so I just haven’t really played gears. It’s sad really.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA @Knockout2487 is #3 in the world in TDM. He never says it but us ranked players recognize…


I feel ya bro…this is the only game i have ever played personally that gets stripped of game modes and features that were available from the start. Then tc wants to give us watered down version of former modes? Lol they must be trolling.


Or they’re not real fans.

It’s pretty ridiculous.

I tried other modes but in the end I just put the controller down for this game.

Too much aggravation. No strategy to king than have a solid 5 stack , know anchors, & lancer your guts to the wall…

At least in TDM if you lacked skill you can compensate for strategy…

Had to win your 1v’s… no magical close spawns or reckless rushing in…

People just don’t respect TDM because it’s a thinking mode that utilizes brain & skill…

Those complaining rather cross lancer for 30-40 minutes… like my god… like I said, I’ve done it. Beat stacked masters & the top 5 king players, in this current preseason, but it’s not fun.

My head hurts thinking about it…