TC vs Community KOTH

Can we get and event or maybe TC can host a private event/ matches where the community can assemble a team(s) to go up against them? Maybe a tourny or something

Would love to get the opportunity :kissing_closed_eyes:

This is just some light work when it was 5v5


This is all just some sick ploy for you to get in the ring with TC so you can absolutely decimate them at their own game that they spend day and night working so hard on.

I fully support this event at all cost.


You are 100% correct

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ah reminds me of when bungie did something similar. It would be alot of fun and ide do it maybe offer a rare character if you beat them

Do they play

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I’ve ran into like one or two in Gears 4, haven’t came across one in Gears 5 though

They get 99% in 3 hits, you get the glory of telling them “you missed” :rofl:


If anyone at TC actually played the game I dont think we would have the piss poor product what we have now… good luck

Also imma gonna call you out for using an old photo unless that’s a custom game. But we havent had 5v5s for some time now

Fun idea, but coordinating times would be a problem.

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they can set a time and the community is left to form a team and wait their turn. One match per team and that team was to go back onto waiting list until it’s their turn again

if done with a lot of time ahead, should be able to make it work

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