TC trying to suppress my voice

Someone lock my other commit. Instead of locking commits maybe ya’ll should fix the game. I have too many clips showing cheating and other gaming hickups that need to be addressed but I guess because I don’t have money ya
'll don’t care.

I just played a game where I was COG and was getting killed by a SAM (who is also a COG) playing as a locust killing our team. Fix your GAME. Stop being money hungry and start caring about your content.


Any clips showing a bug like this?

The worst bugs I’ve ever seen were the Silver Surfers and audio issues, never a team-swapped character.

Unless you were on FFA and didn’t notice?

Edit: I’ve also just seen your other post, instead of making inflammatory posts maybe you should read the TOS for the Forums.


The name and profile picture alone is enough to close these topics, and to even think it’s coalition who closes posts ON TOP OF THE ENGLISH ISSUES!!! Kind of embarrassing that some people exist to be honest.


If that’s the case I agree.

Needs to be fixed.

Thank god I haven’t come across that.

But every update has bugs. Glad you’re addressing it.

Lmfao her name is goddess tier

Hop on social and play a few games, if you get a 5v5 there is a big chance player #5 (on your team) will be a skin from the other faction.

After a few games I wasn’t sure if I were playing Gears or Among Us.

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Marriage is a good way to lock in and commit but that’s my only comment on the matter.


Less than 12 hours live and I have seen a bunch of questional gameplay already as well.


Closing this thread before it goes any further downhill than it has already.

Please report issues by submitting a ticket with screenshots or video clips (may need to be a YouTube video link) at with additional information so the devs can reproduce, find the problem and (hopefully) issue a fix in a future update.

Please beware of the forum TOS and rules when posting.

Please be good to each other, and to the developers.
Try to keep to civil discourse in future, even while frustrated.

Thank you.

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