TC - TOD Medal Groups Feedback, need to be More Balanced

What I am referring to is the Medal Groups are not balanced between PvE and PvP and its been this way always.

For Op6;


General Medal Groups


All can be obtained in PvP apart from Lock & Load which is PvE ONLY

However only 4 can be obtained for a PvE Player


All can ONLY be obtained in PvP apart from Dust to Dust Medal which can be gained in both modes.


All can ONLY be obtained in PvE


All can ONLY be obtained in PvP

Then you have the separate VERSUS EVENT Medal Groups ?? Again only can be obtained in PvP.





Then PvE


So altogether out of the 387 Stars for Tour Medals a PvE Player can only gain 167 ??

A PvP player can gain 302 Stars

Not balanced at all.

Why does there need to be a separate medal group for Versus Events and Ranked ? Everything the players are doing in Ranked and Versus Events will go towards progression in the Versus Medal Group? TC said in Op4 they wanted to move away from skins locked behind certain modes or medals ?? Yet we seem to be gradually getting that back again??

Why give us Gears Coins as rewards for completing medals go back to how it used to be with getting skins again? Why is it any different from having skins locked behind events only, to them being tour rewards again?

There is only 1 medal group for Horde and 1 for Escape? Yet 3 for Versus, technically 4 if you include Ashes to Ashes only 1 a PVE player can get.

Make it fair.

Have a whole medal group just for doing the dailies in escape and horde ? or one for escape and one for Horde.

Or keep it how it is and add more groups for PvE players so players who play either modes can gain around a equal amount of stars each rather than PvP getting nearly double the amount of stars a PvE player can get.

The groups need to be way more balanced out and not showing complete favouritism to Versus.

Theres also the whole thing of majority, if not all, of the PVE medals can be obtained in public, private, custom and event lobbies while PVP medals have to be obtained in Quickplay, Ranked and Event matches.

Of course I am suggesting that TC make it possible for private games to account for some of the VS medals but if they wont do it then leave it as is.

From everything I have seen in Gears of War 4 and 5 TC have always favored VS over Horde and Escape but I could be wrong. I don’t know who has the bigger audience but my guess would be VS and TC will do everything to keep players in there as well as attract new players. I am just speculating but maybe that is why there are more medals for VS than there are for Horde and Escape.

Dailies and stars each 30minutes exist, and honestly - with the exception of 5k Elims and 200 ranked round wins none of them are too bad or timeconsuming.

The only one I found to be the most time consuming was 35 kills as Leader but everything else came through natural gameplay plus with the whole pandemic I have alot more time on my hands lol.

Yeah, that one was annoying but I played for about 2-3 hours and got them. Not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Still not a fan of Guardian in QP - without ranked you constantly run into sweat-stacks.

I don’t mind if some Versus ones can be done in Versus AI. Trouble is that some game modes don’t seem to appear anymore, like Guardian. And we’re not able to play as Swarm/Locust.

Mainly its Feedback on the TOD Medals Groups.

Its not so much about it taking a lot time to complete the medal groups as everyone will vary in the time they have.

But i believe it should be more balanced between pve and pvp. Even if they keep it how it is like i said but add more in for pve only.

Like they have the Versus Events medal group.

Why not have a Horde Events medal group ? They are doing a lot more of it the last 2 op why not have a thing like it is in Versus?

The medals could be similar


Survive 200 Waves in Weekly Horde Events

Get 1000 eliminations in Weekly Horde Events

Get 250 headshot in Weekly Horde Events

Win 10 matches of Weekly Horde Events

Collect 300,000 power in Weekly Horde Events

Do 4,000,000 damage in Weekly Horde Events

These are just off the top of my head, with the amount of events we get lately and the ones we get around halloween and xmas etc, the new ones we have had, boss rush etc.

It would encourage people to play the events more having a medal group like a general group for all horde events

Like they do with Versus still have a specific medal group for the event but a general one for Horde Events?

They could easily do medal groups based around the dailies. It is a permanent thing now in the game. Why not have a medal group around those ?

Win 30 matches on Daily Challenge Maps

Escape 30 Daily Escape Hives

Survive 50 acts of Daily Escape Hives

Get 2000 Eliminations on Daily Challenge Maps or Escape Hives

Eliminate 100 Heavy Enemies in Daily Challenge Maps or Escape Hives

Escape 5 Daily Hives on Master Difficulty in Operation 6

Kill 1000 enemies in Daily Challenge Maps or Escape Hives

They have added these features in they are putting their time and energy into these features events and having dailies why not have medal groups associated with them like versus do with the features they have e.g ranked, events, general versus matches.

I think its a good idea.

Could something like this be put in place to balance the pve to pvp medals in the tour and plus to add a little something extra in the tour specific to the new features we have in the game and have it permanent like it is for Versus ?? Such as extra medals groups for PvE??

@TC_Shauny, @TC_Sera, @TC_MichaelAOS

Perhaps I’m the minority here but this is kind of why I invest time into both PvP and PvE
a) not to get bored and balance a bit
b) being able to do both is overall more rewarding

Perhaps 100% TOD was meant for people who can do both
to this day I still can’t get any of the Master escape stuff done because I haven’t tampered with it outside of being carried.

Thats the thing most people will have a preference of mode. Players shouldnt HAVE to play both just cus they havent got a balance in the tour between PvP and PvE.

I get players will like playing both but If TC balanced it out it could make all the players happy as no matter if they play pve or pvp they can complete the same amount of medals or gain the same amount of stars as the players in the other mode and they have talked about balancing a lot and i would say this is something that still is not even for both pve and pvp and needs a bit of work.

I get what you’re saying, I’m listening and completely am okay with said changes if they were to ever happen. I’m just going to keep it real with you from someone who has put tons of hours into this community, game and followed the process of releases from development.

It won’t happen simply because TC favors PvP players, always has. Did you see how proud of themselves they are about fixing the wrap around shot? something I could never in my life time pull off lol…

It won’t happen because TC has selective hearing and will only do what they want and only listen to what they want. They cherry pick the things they wanna change and PvP players are always in front of the class sadly. At the same time lets nerf Jack though.


While they also gave him the ability to ■■■■ ■■■■ up, Fair trade imo. Now if only people would stop treating him like a medic-class.

Defiantly agree with that lol. Defo noticed the favouring of Versus players but it shouldnt be the case but for some reasons it is. Maybe its to do with Esports. Gotta keep the pvp players happy I dont know.

@HerrKatzchen. I was playing Jack in the daily earlier, thought ill switch to more healing cards and leave bleed and sacrifice and the randoms were just taking the mick e.g like using their ability straight away (arena this is) . Then someone brought a Forge for me ? On Frenzy,:scream: I was thinking “What? Are you seriously serious :joy:” Forging is in the past, didnt have the forge card on, i thought does anyone even equip that card anymore.

I remember TC nerfing the forge card saying they hope with this change people will stop relying on the forging go for taps as jacks shouldnt be just forging all the time. Then they gave him new card to be more defensive which i think defo got him away from that medic class. But people still for some reason still think people want to play him that way. :roll_eyes:

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Remember the old fab-blocking on Forge? Our random engi wanted to do that today. Some people just live in the past and don’t keep up with the meta at all.

I do yeah. The enemies just stand there and break it like they do the taps and level 3 barrier + till they can get through.

I have been in a few Blood Drives as well where people put it in the entrance of the corridor near the spawns at the bottom of the steps. The enemies again still go for it and sometimes if its not placed well enemies spawn right next to you at the spawn point. Soon as I see someone go for that area I know to be alert in case of being flanked :roll_eyes: or i leave lol.

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