TC This Should Never Happen

These shots should of been easy kills in both core and comp. We need a universal tuning for all weapons and movement. Gears 3 tuning was the best for movement and guns. I suggest beta tuning for Gears 5.
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I couldn’t agree more there are so many unregistered point blanks…mostly against the high ping warriors. You handled yourself ok though lol


Man those shots didn’t hit? Wow lets hope TC step it up for gears 5 btw how do you get that lancer and gnasher camo?

I believe that’s the NRG team weapon skin, this has been long since removed since they no longer competing in the Gears Esports scene.

And regarding OP, let’s pray Gears 5 has universal Tuning, they need to do both pretty alpha testing and Beta testing to find a middle ground with core/comp.

Also, why is Gears 3 tuning is good? Probably most people such as myself would disagree with you. Take for example the retro lancer, it was completely OP.

I was going to create my own thread about hit detection since I just made a big montage of BS moments. I just wish TC would take pride in their work, and not just shove all these hit detection complaints under the rug. While hit detection in general is abysmal, they really need to fix the invincibility players have while going down. It also sucks how often I sponge, even when my ping is stable around 25-60ms 95% of the matches I play.

Sponges of War 4

Please post this on any other relevant threads. TC needs to see this.

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It’s Supremacy eSports. You can buy it now for $10.