TC thinks otherwise, you know

It’s funny how TC says they put you with players with similar skill level on your team. Hmmm, are they going off tier placement or actually skill level for the game. I know for a fact there are players including myself who are way better than what their official tier places them, I mean winning all 5 placement matches and getting MVP for all matches and then TC slaps you with a Silver or Gold tier and your match points are way ahead of others…WOW LOL. Playing solo has a lot of disadvantages, I was lucky enough to reach Master rank playing solo and getting paired with players on my team who just walk around like bots and try to chainsaw a guy from 10ft away. I don’t play with a 5 man squad because of the wait time and I don’t know if you rank slower if you keep winning. But damn, running into 4-5 stack teams is annoying. They should really have a category for teams of 4-5 players stacking together. Because once they are skunking you on points they start T-bagging you like they think they are an elite pro team. Anyways, they should re-evaluate their skill/tier ranking system.

See the problem with TC is they think they can just update a game without testing it and then pretend it’s perfectly fine when the community is telling them its not