TC, thanks for the kantus!

Thank you very much for the Elite Stalker Kantus! Looks badass, first time I’ve won anything from a stream! Didn’t even realize it until I got a msg from Vectes lol

Thanks again! :+1:

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus



You mean Arbiter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got the steel and gold one, so technically it wasn’t the leaked “elite” (stupid dinosaur haha) :smirk:

Faceplate reminds me of Predator, I’m diggin’ it!


Congrats :+1:

Now you only need one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Black-Armoured one I’ll try and get, 300K credits and not much else anyway.

Plus I’m trying to hit 100,000 Scrap - currently on like 94,000.

Thank you sir!:+1:

My luck may have all been burned tonight, I have enough credits for like 2 packs :thinking:

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You never know, could drop in the 1st one you get :grimacing::pray:

Dare I even hope…

They look amazing and I look forward to obtaining them. Having said that I look forward to jumping on the upcoming thread about how unfair the drop rates are and how I got more unrelated characters and skins than I did related characters and skins :slight_smile:


Hey, who can’t use more Helmetless V-Day Gears (I call him Mario the trash man) and bubbles longshots! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Omg ill be honest i didn’t think i would get them but i just opened 12 (2000) credit packs and i got 2 elite stalker kantus and 3 stalker armoured kantus!!

I came to see if anyone could recommend which pack is better to buy. I don’t play versus, but these are some good looking skins so I want to collect them, I really only want the black and gold Kantus, but would be thrilled to get both.

I have 26k in credits so I’ll do you one better and buy 13 of the 2000 credit packs, I’ll go do that now and report back with my results.

Edit: Opened 13 packs, I got the Stalker Kantus (the one I wanted) on my second pack, got a dup on the 10th pack. I got the Elite Stalker Kantus on the 9th pack, about 3 or 4 helmetless COGs mixed in. I’m happy. I haven’t had bad luck with any of the pack since I came back to Gears over the summer. First pack I ever bought was eSports 9 when I wanted BS Dom and I got him in only 2 packs. Outer Wilds Kate, Golden Gear, both NCOGs, and now both Kantus dropped in a very reasonable about of packs for me (~10-15 or less)


RNG was not so kind to me on this account, ended up purchasing the black stalker but didn’t mind doing so, same for weapon skin pack. Secondary acct yielded him on pack 3, all packs (which really weren’t that many) were the 2000 version.

Shockingly, I did get more than one helmetless Vday gear, as well as a very fancy yellow bubbles snub on 2 accounts lmao

Both of them look amazing. I have two new favorite characters for my swarm loadout

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Those are some big numbers!
Its no wonder they didn’t pull your name last night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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the skins look amazing, but i just dont play versus anymore and i hardly play gears as it is since all these new games are releasing i might grind once they release some new COG because it’s been so damn long since a new cog has come out i think the last ones were the ncog, right? and those were months ago

Agreed. Fantastic content!!

This is disturbing me.

Why do the Kantuses (kanti?) have 3 toed demon chicken feet, but 5 fingered hands?

I may not sleep tonight.


TC has pulled off something I previously considered impossible.
They have developed a character that is universally loved by the Gears community.
Bravo TC, Bravo!
These Kanti are without a doubt my favorite packs.

They have extra claws in the back of their feet. I think it’s like 4 or 5 toes in the end, but only 3 facing forward.