Tc sucking the fun out off this game?

Serious question now TC is actually your aim to suck all fun out off gears 5, you increase the gib consistency so that people can get 2 shotted from stupid distances, made near enough impossible to play agressively, i am masters on koth and i honestly don’t even play with a great skill gap, i don’t wallbounce anymore because you don’t have to its like your try make this game more and more for the noobs as time goes on, like i go into a game of masters koth and i never see anybody trying to wallbounce and do all the top plays everyone used to do anymore, just people camping behind covers popping out shooting people from stupid distances with gnasher, you need to decrease the power off the gnasher so that you have to actually outplay your openent to get close enough to win your fights instead off getting downed in 2 shots from stupid distances, its so boring and fustrating because then on the other side i want to play this game hoping that is will go back to when you actually had to be skillfull to get to masters, i go into a game of masters now feels like im in a game of onyx players but i think it was operation 2 when all the movement was so fast and you had the boost on the up A when i went into a masters it actually felt like i was in masters game, i know not everyone will agree but feel its getting to point of unplayable


Paragraphs out of stock again?


Ah yes, “the master lobby” sweat city.


I’m not reading that block of text.

But I’ll reply to the title.

They sucked the fun rrrrrrright out of Gears 5 long ago, put a bit back in with Operation 5, then came back at it with a vengeance like a horny Noo-Noo on speed.


I can agree the gib range is kinda wacky but for them to complain the game isnt aggressive when they’ve nerfed everything else into the ground makes no sense.


There are baby indie games out there that are more aggressive than Gears 5.


I finally decided to try out rank to get a achievement and the first game i get into, the game randomly closes out.

Hmm that was weird, lets try again, nope sorry you’re banned ! The bs in this game is never ending!


Yes there are but when I play I rarely see lamcering. Its gnasher non stop. I know people say that’s what gears is

Guess you were not around when the game launched and it was super fun.?

So, so fun. 15ft knife lunges all day; everyday.
Shooting was a waste of time.



Thats probably because you’re getting stuck with bad teammates that think they are playing Gnasher only KOH. Sometimes I have to remind crappy noob teammates that they have a lancer and to use it. Instead they rush in head first to a packed hill and get chunked or lancered to death. I us my lancer plenty but I do run across guys who refuse to use it.


A majority of my teammates automatically switch to the gnasher during the intro screen and never use a rifle. :man_shrugging: luck of the draw I guess…


and now the knife is a absolutely useless feature.


All i mean by agressive is for example your in cover someone is coming towards you and they know you are there, you can’t run towards them and wallbounce off the walls and outplay them to get that one shot kill, because the gib range is stupid crazy all they need is to accurate shots and your down from distances that shouldn’t be possible


Yeah I’ve noticed everything has been reduced to near uselessness besides the gnasher.


I’m just wondering why TC wont say hey we played with the gib range. I’m getting gibbed from crazy distances or I’m off to the side and still get hit.


Actually i dont think it was ever IN G5, to suck it out (on the PvP side)

So they didnt suck it out.

They never included it in, in the first place.


Thise were AWESOME times…


holy ■■■■. that knife lunge was absurd. I don’t remember it being that OP. Now the knife feels like its been neutered.


Its range, speed, and auto aim were all f*cking absurd. The first two weeks felt more like a fighting game than a shooter.

And IIRC, its lunge was further than the Gnasher’s gib range which at the time was preeeeeetty ■■■■■■■ enormous… . like 10ft or something. How this got past testing and then okay’d for launch blows my mind.


Funny thing is aswell though is you know that people are realising how stupid the range on the gnasher now is because people starting do this aswell, i have aswell, say your in cover and they know you are there they will just bot walk along the far side off the wall so then if you do push towards them they know thst you can be two shotted from that distance from the far side wall or if you don’t push they just shoot the corner off cover you are in and sometimes can be putiing more damage on you that if your trying to aim out off cover and shoot them and that just shouldn’t be happeing ever, thay should have to be getting close enough to win in that situattion but they won’t do that because this game is just built for new players or noobs, next time it happens i will record it and put it in this thread

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