TC stop selling one weapon skin of a set!

Like today’s rainbow lancer for 5 bucks really. I would easily buy the whole rainbow set for 5 bucks or something but to sell just the lancer itself is very very wrong. Atleast give me the gnasher and snub with it. What’s the point of buying one skin to a set?

So they can sell them separately and make more

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So if I wanted to own this complete skin set and I bought it all separately. It would cost me 116 bucks. :skull:

Ya that’s def not happening. How could they possibly think this is a good idea.

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What’s the difference between a cow and the gow community to the coalition?

You can only milk a cow for about 4 years.


One Weapon from a set is so lame.

Like it’s $5 !!! - that should easily buy you all the Set.

And even then, you don’t even know if TC will offer the complete set or when and as there’s no Web Store - you have keep logging in and sometime, that’s not physically possible.


Utterly ridiculous that they’re doing this, last 2 weeks have been the lancer and now the snub rainbow when it could easily be just a set for all weapons. No Character skins again for 2 weeks in a row, the lack of content on the store is so bad. You’d think this game had been out for years with the little amount of stuff they bring out. Awful

Morning mate.
I know you purchased loads of Iron (as is you want :wink: ) have you spent much yet ?

As for one skin at a time, totally agree with you guys, yet another scummy move, in many a scummy move by TC.

At the very, very least it should be the starting weapons. I would have bought the 2 1980’s inspired sets, as that was my decade :wink:

I’m down to about 112K from about 127K.

So spent 15K so far.

Depending on what game mode you prefer to play you might just be better off buying the weapon skins you are most likely to be holding - than almost paying the price of a full game for the full set with weapons you may never use or will only be holding for shorter periods of time.

I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. I am tempted to buy the Neon Glow Loadout set but that’s only for versus - in horde unless you play Marcus or the Cog you’re incomplete and in Escape, you have even less control over what weapons you get a hold of.
I’d buy an entire set of Neon Glow - but to tease me with just some of a thing is a waste of both of our time at best.

I have held off using cash for sets yet. There have been a couple I like but not enough to bite yet.
I’m rocking my Black phantom set at the moment. The only other set I use a lot is the Ice Kait ones I got for buying the X.

Jumped on Gears 4 yesterday, and although there was a fair amount of dross there are still some lovely sets AND we can have 3 different sets of course.

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