TC should go back to Gears 4 for inspiration (trying to give constructive feedback)

I think TC should go back to Gears 4 for inspiration on how to improve gears 5. I play gears 5 everyday and enjoy it most of the time. But I feel like some things could improve. I went back to gears 4 to compare and was very surprised. Here are som things I think TC should try and replicate in gears 5:

  • Lancer and Gnasher
    I know the gnasher is always being discussed so this will be brief. The gnasher in gears 5 should be exactly as in gears 4. Stronger and the person that shoots first almost always wins. (In 5 it feels like you are rewarded if you let your opponent shoot first). If the gnasher is like in 4, the movement will feel better aswell. The gnasher also needs bigger mags like all the other games.

The problem with lancer in gears 5 is that it is too weak at range. The lancer in 4 is almost perfect. In gears 5 you’re better off using the snub at range and that just aint right. It also feels like the bullets are “slower” in gears 5, its not as responsive as in gears 4.

Lancer and Gnasher are the two most important weapons in the game and should be powerful.

  • Flashbangs
    I would love to have them removed from loadout. They are just annoying.

  • Maps
    We just need more maps. It’s getting boring playing asylum, exhibit, allfathers, foundation and harbor over and over again. We need new maps and old classics like Process, River, Jacinto etc.

It’s the number of maps that is the main issue, there is just not enough. Hopefully TC come out guns blazing in Operation 3 with 3 new maps and 3 classic maps.

  • Omen
    I know this is also a hot topic but the ability to see what is happening in gears 4 even when you are damaged was amazing compared to 5.

Also I want share a couple of things I really like that Gears 5 have. I like the expressions, they can be fun. Its also much easier to know if you hit someone with your shots. I also like that eliminations are on the leaderboard instead of kills. It gets rid of the constant “you stole my kill” nonsense.

Lastly these are just my opinions and I hope that if people respond to this post, they do so with respect and not just trying to be toxic or mean.



Its a shame for me to say that i am still to play a versus match,horde or escape since the game out in september!! the urge is just not there with gears 5…finished the campaign thou which i loved

Good post. Gears of War 4 in it’s final form is so vastly superior to Gears 5 in many ways, it’ll always be disgusting that they never used it as a template and started again, changing so much to the point it’s barely recognisable.

It’s a disaster of a game and people who disagree are very easily pleased.


Thank you. I agree that they should have used gears 4 as a template. I booted up gears 4 today for the first time since september and man is it a lot more fun! The extra shots in the gnasher, working weapons and no annoying flashbangs. So much better!


I still can’t understand why they didn’t use Gears 4 as a template. It makes no sense. Only reason I can think of is they hoped to attract more casual gamers and sell mtx.

They should also go back to original campaign for inspiration. So maybe they’d make a game that feels like a Gears of WAR game and not like every other generic action-adventure mainstream game.


Good points, I think the map situation is my biggest issue at the moment. I like AFA but played on it 5 out of 6 matches yesterday, as you say it becomes boring.

I know a lot of us slagged off G4 upon release and feel some of that was deserved however it did get a lot better and it is incredulous that TC didn’t build on that.

They do seem or maybe Rod seemed to want to make things harder for themselves.

Several changes were not only not needed but have had a detrimental effect on the game. Rod should have warned against that, as he was on board with J.


Thank you. Yeah its the same maps all the time and if the maps that people dislike are voted for, someone quits, forcing you to search again.

If you read the latest roadmap they actually talk about design philosophy and that originally they tried to create a slower more methodical version of Gears 4 at launch, and everyone hated it. So now they are actually trying to find a balanced middle ground that contains multiple Metas.

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Gears 4 lancer and gnasher were too powerful in my opinion. They’re fine in Gears 5, in particular the gnasher, even if they ruined it after the last update IMO

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Agree to disagree

I mean the gnasher is more powerful in Gears 5. As per the latest update. The Lancer is fine where it is right now. Not sure why people want Gears 4 tunings. The tunings are good the way they are right now minus maybe the Poke damage on the Gnasher. If they can get everything consistent now we will have a great game.

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Are you sure? I remember it was such a nuke in GoW4

I guess at mid range Gears 4 Core was more powerful. At long range Gears 5 is more powerful.

Got it!

I like where it is at, problem is when i have low ping the game falls apart for me.




How much ping do you have?

I havent played Gears 3 in a long time, but I dont feel this way. The only thing i do feel about Gears 3 is that it was more consistent.

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my man Gears of War 3 its truly " the way GOW its meant to be played " . . it really gives you the sensation that you’re in a war .

Gears 5 well is a good game like checkers… but it needs a lot of stuff.

My ping varies it is typically around 15 but depending on which server i connect to it could be 30 or 50.