Tc should get the EA treatment

Just saying they love money more then player base. Maps are same length as cod but with spawn protection. They call us spoiled babies because we fell in love Epic games and not them. So many problems no updates


TC should walk away from gaming. It’s obvious they don’t care about their fanbase… wack.


Expect gears 6 to be the least sold gears game in history.

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It’ll be on gamepass again and alot of ppl realised they got burned, so yea, definitely

Let’s be honest,since it was announced for Gamepass day 1,it was clear that the game was a sacrificial lamb to lure people to subscribe the service.
Even if people dislike the game,they are already subscribed and think “well,since I already paid,let’s check what games are here”,and may end hooked.You know how this things work.