Tc should be ashamed!

Enough is enough!! This game is just broke!! You devs should be ashamed of your selves!! But sadly in todays greedy world you clearly dont care aslong as your milking the fans for all were worth!!

Old characters with no skills to play in pve just litrally skins rehashed are being SOLD to us for shockingly HIGH prices!! An you keep changing ranked an i dont no why!! The wait times for matchs are a total obsurd joke an the lag an ammount of players getting kicked from your poor servers is beyond me!! Why are you still allowing 5 stacks to suck the fun out of ranked!!? Iv lost count the ammount of times iv played 5 stacks an my team is solo an we lose 1 or 2 players an its 3 v 5!! You have made the game way way way to easy for sweatys to win an get higher ranks!! I use to be able to get to gold pretty easy back in gears 3 but in 4 an 5 its just way to competitive now an its just not fun!

Your ranking system is broke an you dont seem to care!! A team of solos can all be bronze 2 or 3 vs a team of silver 3’s?? Or you could have 4 bronze an 1 silver 3 against 5 gold 3’s?? What kind of B_//$hit is that? You have basically lost before you start!! Your operations last way to long an the drip fed content does not last long enough!! Im sick of how gears 5 as been since last year!! Everytime you fix somthing you break somthing an thats a fact!! Iv played with tonnes of players on here an nearly everyone of them as complained about somthing!! 1 year anniversary an rather than give us a free map an some free characters an a triple xp weekend you try an sell a dead horse to us in the form of OLD skinned characters with some p!$$ poor gun skins for £16 or $20!!? Im literally at the point were i might just uninstall the game!! Im on the edge!!!


High prices? As in free? If you don’t want to buy the bundle just wait.


Careful man! This guy is on the edge!

Don’t push him!


Theres always one bad boi who thinks its cool troll behind a keyboard!! Well done bro your such a bada$$!!

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Go easy man. You must’ve forgotten to take your meds this morning.


You spelt “boy” wrong. And it’s “you’re”. :wink:


If you have nothing constructive to had to the thread then kindly go away big man!

The irony.


Dont push him cause hes close da eddgee.

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I actually meant close to uninstalling the game to stop playing!! Not close to the edge of sanity!! But i kinda knew all the dumb a$$'s would come trolling because gears has this toxic community!!

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Then uninstall it! No one cares! You come onto the forum screaming and cussing no one is gonna take you seriously. Yes the game has issues but if you dont like it, no one is forcing you to play it. Take a chill pill and act like an adult. It’s a toy for heavens sake.


An who asked for your opnion!!! I dont care what you have to say either ok!!! Yeah its a toy thats meant to be fun an if you aint having fun an that toy as issues then you just like me an everyone else has the right to complain!!! Dont come onto a thread acting all high an mighty just because you dont like my opinion!!! The game as many problems an if you dont agree then your blind but thats cool just scroll on by!!


Hey man, I was just telling people to be kind and not to push you. You know. Cos you’re close to the edge. It hurts that I’m being made the villain. :hushed:


Are you a Darth Vader, or a Kylo Ren? :joy:


Thanx bro your a legend!!

As long as you don’t spend your gear coins on stupid ■■■■, you can buy all the skins of OP4 with no problem

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No, you’re this guy. :joy:


Yep thats probs what i will do dude!! The new bundle aint worth the iron!

Its actually worse. They allow 2 ranks up unless that just changed, so a silver could be up against Onyx. and its 3 higher thn the highest ranke, so can you imagine a brzone ahaisnt an onyx. at lest the fees is free to play.

Just try other modes for a while. I shifted to Achivo hunting and character building, I set those goals and play to those. I do like ranked, but for the lower ranked player and solo there is no hope…smile

I think the lower ranks are there so higher ranks can get all there kills…lol

I wrote the same message a fews weeks back and the guys here helped, yes there is some humor along with the help, but they are all pretty good group and do help. I tried to find a low rank stack, but not helpful and if you play with a high stack ist really bad.

if you like the game move off ranked for a while…it does help.

On the cost. They are a buisness and need to make money. One time game sale does not make money. It actually does no bother me personally cause i am wealthy ASF…smile

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You should just rank up and the perimeters are always one rank up or below. Sometimes Two ranks but TC will announce it due to matchmaking time. How do you know those silvers or bronze your matched up with are not really onyx, diamonds, or Master’s? Everyone is bunch up for start of the season.
Well I guess if you don’t read or use the search option your only bet is to roll up in the forums and start