@TC_Shauny why can you mantle kick execute people in events like golden gun and OSOK?

game is garbage

and i think on the hive the trap a door will just shut on you and you aren’t able to progress
and you need campaign installed to play atrium a horde map? yall going to fix this or the simple omen or anything ever

That’s what it is designed to do. Why do you think it’s named “The Trap”? Deal with it.

Before safe room there is a supply room on the right once you dropped down the ledge. There is another door on the opposite side of the supply room that used to be closed but now it’s open by default. And that door is triggered. Once you cross over it closes.

So when you play with other players, someone can inadvertently cross that door and trap you by the supply room and you cannot open it any more. That door is not supposed to automatically close. It’s never been like this when The Trap first launched.


mmhmmh, they “fixed” the the way doors work on some maps this operation, must be an unintended side effect. Personally, im very anti door so when i see a closed door i feel inclined to open it, and this troublesome perma locked door ill likely never encounter is making me mad.

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In operation 6 the door never closed on the trap so they must have fixed it. It use to close when the trap first launched. Just checked operation 7 patch notes and the doors was not closing when they suppose too and they fixed that issue with the hive.

Funny how the title is one thing then the post is more stuff… but commenting on the title, I hate those too, especially in OSOK, but I rather just get my headshots in that case, snipe is my game… but I still understand they gonna be there to help people out, but again doesn’t bother me much anyways since I counter a good 98% of the time anyway lol

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