(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(xxvadi) #165

I agree with the most. If they would release the patches as they release the 10-xxx $$ mictrotransaction packs and e-sport trash in everyweek, this game would be good. But everybody knows MT brings $$, while patches are not.

About quitters, TC should make this game balanced. Of course there will be quitters where u team getting killed 24/7 by 1 shot and other team is sponge. This issue needs to be fixed.
Fair and balanced game = no quit right? I know “fair and balaned” is unknown words for TC soo I dont expect anything.

Also many times experienced that at escalation, 4 team m8s left, other team started to farm me and tbag me. After few minutes I quit aswell, and MM gave me 30 min penality. Not even enough other team banged me from back, TC also gave u one slap aswell, aka g*ng-bang.

I dont get it why did they changed spawn system in Gears… in Gears 1-2 the spawn system worked perfectly, everybody started at the start point, not at boomer (like at clocktower) or behind me etc.

Also 70% / 82% / 83% these joke bs hits, hope that these issues will be in Gears 5 aswell…

(Krylon Blue) #166

Likely because Gears 1&2 didn’t have modes such as TDM where you needed respawns.

(xxvadi) #167

Still my opinion is spawning random like in COD is one of the most annoying issue in Gow 4.

(Krylon Blue) #168

I just played 5 matches with some buddies and the lag was astronomically bad tonight. I’m talking so bad it felt like my team was on Competitive tuning and the enemy team was on Core tuning. Basically so many deaths to players not even looking at me but they were sponging point blanks to the chest with only 5-15% damage registering per shot. I was always one of the lowest pings in the room but the enemy team (and at times our team) had some major high pingers with large spikes that caused inconsistent movement and hit detection. It was almost as if I was running in mud. The fact that The Coalition is incapable of pairing me with low pings and just throws me with high pings constantly is just beyond words at this point. I mean, come on guys, how in the world is this acceptable?

(Reptil11) #169

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(Krylon Blue) #170

Holy cow that was the worst game I’ve ever played. My whole team could shoot Lancers at the enemy or Gnashers and each shot was weaker than its competitive variant. Considering the fact we were on KotH that’s ridiculous but the enemy team had some crazy double power core weapons. Every shot that nailed a guy point blank did less than 10% damage. Besides that, my movements were all delayed and didn’t react properly so I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say the servers are jacked up.

Now, I’m not saying they were bad players or even that they would have lost with a good connection but the game definitely handed them that one on a silver platter since we couldn’t fight back due to the inconsistencies. When none of our shots register, even explosives point blank, there’s a serious issue. I’m not sure what’s up with the servers tonight but for the weapons to be that inconsistent for us is beyond ridiculous. I just wish I could view the same moments from not only my view but theirs to see how unsynched the game was because it obviously was the sloppiest I’ve ever seen in my 30 days of game time.

@xZombiezzzz, you were in there for that first match on Foundation and then the match on Lift Apex. Did those matches feel any different for you? I’m curious because you obviously know how to play but on Foundation my guns didn’t work but on Lift Apex they worked better although not great. I assume part of it during the second match was due to two of your randoms pinging at 150ms and 300ms. Either way, good games man but these long search times are just awful.

Edit: Then you put us in this match which we ultimately barely won due to its connection quality. A player (in the 200s in this picture) with a 40ms ping but spikes constantly upwards of 750ms. The ability to kill players while around walls, roadie running or rolling while taking 20 shots like it’s nothing. Fix your internet guys!

(Krylon Blue) #171

Another day another game pinging at 25ms against 100ms players and my bullets aren’t registering and random teleporting was in full effect.

It’s 2018. If your internet isn’t up to par you need to either fix it or be banned from low ping lobbies. I’m tired of games being inconsistent because of these players.

(Krylon Blue) #172

Alright, so tonight was an all night lag fest. Enemies sponging for days with no damage being done but then one shotting me when I’m a mile away. How are these pings even within a fair limit? A video and a screenshot from different games showing the all night issues. I will only respect your skill if you’re not sponging every shot that comes your way. It’s 2018 and if I ping lower to the UK from Illinois than you do to a US server from Mexico it’s an unacceptable advantage and you all need to suffer from it rather than gain from it.


(Krylon Blue) #173

3 more matches all with sponging high ping Mexico warriors. When do you stop doing this @the-coalition? I have fiber internet I don’t want to play with dial up grade DSL players!

Ranked is supposed to be the best team wins but how can the best team win when the other team is basically cheating by taking no damage? You’re giving them a get out of jail care when the going gets rough and they just sponge it and the one shot you. I’m asking to be paired with like connections; not connections like this: (Oh, and Mr GREEN with his constant spikes to 700ms too but not shown here)

Edit: Two more matches with high ping warriors sponging everything. I played 8-10 matches tonight and NONE of them had proper matchmaking. You need to fix that crap because it’s getting out of hand. I go into the lobby to see if they’ll talk after lagging and every single one was like “jajajajaj speakie Spanish”. Get out of here with that nonsense and pair me with some low ping Americans! If they could provide a stable internet I wouldn’t be here upset over their dial up DSL internet but unfortunately they have bottom 1% internet and you think it’s okay? I get it the developers are from Canada so obviously they don’t have to deal with this as much. How freakin convenient.

Thankfully I’m close to Diamond and I can stop playing PvP soon. If you’re not going to fix it I’m done playing it like the rest of my friends. It’s just not fun when everything is delayed because you allow people with 1996 quality internet to ruin every match.

(API) #174

Not disagreeing, but I thought of this post when I read the following tweet and figured I would link it since it’s relevant:

I think it’s the same thing (trade window and lag compensation) but just threw the tweet in here for the terminology.

(Krylon Blue) #175

Likely from other developers that have used the term before. But either way whatever is causing high pings to gain an advantage by the way of sponging, rubberbanding and kill trades needs to be fixed or reversed. But I’m sure we agree on this one so I won’t go into it.

(Hydroxy v) #176

I agree with all your points.

I would add (if possible, I wouldn’t know if it is) that people can only play in their country. Nothing bothers me more when I see a guy that has a 500 ping and I go to his profile he is not from NA but they play on worse servers to get an advantage. If we can just limit them to their servers.

Secondly, they should have it where if you down a person and a teammate steals it, that you still get the kill. I am all for teamwork but whenever you get the final kill and someone steals it, it ticks me off.

(chaaze) #177

This guy Mr NotReallySure needs to go.
For the sake of Versus Gears!

(DiMarz) #178

Gears 4 and UE both has a different network connection solution then Gears 3.
Gears 4 are using a P2P and dedicated server solution, it can also add a host instead of the dedicated server.
And when it’s using the dedicated server it can configure that server to have different priority and bandwidth which effect the gameplay.
The biggest problem with P2P is that you get constant UDP packages from 10 different locations to you and your ISP might not have a network that can handle asyncronos packages coming in for your benefit.
Think of it like this, network is a serial connection.
When one send, like you out to the server, everything is fine.
But when 10 are sending to you, then they are not sending on your network clockrate, the packages can be clumpt at the ISP’s incoming speed in there network speed.
Think of it like a train , your train has 10 seats per wagon but the ISP has 1000 seats per wagon and passengers take a seat in the ISP’s first cabins and when they change train to your wagons then don’t fit in your wagons and need to wait and if there are to many passengers then it needs to cancel many tickets.
You could see lag because of your ISP’s counterpart to limit the incoming high package clump in there for ex +10Gb/s to your lower speed.
This can effect your upload packages also if the incoming buffer is full and cleared then the outgoing could also flushed.
Another isssue are the PC vs Console players in a game.
The dedicated server always sends at the same pace 30fps to every player.
Console players send at 60fps,
but the PC players send packages to the dedicated server and to YOU at there graphics cards fixed framerate, it could be as high as 240fps, which is 4x the packages which you send.
And there is also a resend if you package is not recieved corrercly and there the PC player has a higher benefit, there is just more packaged sent which give thoose a higher chance of getting there shot registered.
The registration of a shot/hit is a 3 way acknowledgement.

  1. between you and the server.
  2. between you and the opponent.
  3. between the opponent and the server.
    This is how the lag comensation works, it calculates the difference in time between you and the server, you and the other player and the other player and the server, it’s thoose time factors that are in play.

(Amaaan asif88) #179

Everything he said is correct but tc not doing anything ranking is broken all my friends stopped playing gears because of 5 men stack team this not have option solo or squad stack team play with stack way solo players with stack teams and abusing core weapon tuning using 5 lancers Crossing you can’t do anything if have higher ping your weapon Registration stopped working i hope tc make good gears 5 i hope gears 5 have free for all one weapon tuning is so everyone enjoy all game modes

(chaaze) #180

Yeah just imagine how mighty this Gears would be if their MP Design Director heard about lag compensator before doing his job.

(chaaze) #181

This is it!!
Best possible matchmaking, all good and within 250ms.

(Jokerhaze lv2) #182

the more i play multiplayer the more i hate microsoft and coalition. it’s a ■■■■■■■ embarrassment that the things that used to get you kicked out of a game are now being pushed so heavily: remember that glitched with the chainsaw that’s the retro lancer, then there’s the pre-actives, the wall slide cancle nonsense, and i forget what else but add that into the fact that as much refinement as they’ve done and the game still doesn’t even remotely work properly. if i didn’t own digital copies i would just sell my ■■■■ for a ps4 at this point. microsoft destroy everything they touch anymore. (i think what angers me most is that after playing this i would rather just go play CoD[hell i’d play judgement over 4 at this point] to fill the multiplayer itch. at least i know that will be trash. which is just sad)


what started as just wanting to play multiplayer again started with trying to find a lobby on the original gears and ended with me relieving my hard drive of 99.1 GB if nothing else this experience has also shown me that i still hate the gaming community which is largely why i don’t play this kind of stuff much anymore. thanks for that random ■■■■■■■■.

for those that actually enjoy gears in its current state; you’re part of the problem with all games not just gears.

EDIT: i find it hilarious you aren’t allowed to say bad words on a forum for an M rated game partially known for its over the top mature content. LMFAO

(Goodacre) #183

why are you posting bandwidth results? video games use very little bandwidth, it’s in the kb/s range. it’s about your distance to the server i.e. ping times

EDIT: above post, I agree that the ban hammer is being swung so hard these days it’s taking legit players with it. lobbies dissolving from server issues should never result in 15/30min bans. if me and my friends are crossing our fingers every time we search for a game hoping not to get banned then you’ve done something wrong and need to either fix it or let the quitters quit. allow people to join mid match to fill out spots.

(Krylon Blue) #184

I obviously know this as I’ve said it countless times on these forums. However, I have enough bandwidth to go around no matter how many people use my connection unlike many of these high ping warriors that spike all over the place. Bandwidth can be related to ping but it isn’t the most telling sign obviously. Still though, when your upload isn’t even reaching 1Mbps, which many obviously aren’t, your bandwidth is way too low because even one process will cause issues. There is zero reason I ping lower to Europe than most Mexico players do to Texas and also some ping higher to any US server than I do to Japan and Australia. That right there is a problem and should be filtered out.

By the way, yes there are bad connections in the USA but the vast majority of those causing issues are not from the USA. This is a large problem that need to be addressed but the developers continue to play stupid on the issue.