(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(xDemonBrotherx) #143

Isnt that the truth…

I am sorry to TC because I don’t do twitter and just thought an official forum was a good way to communicate to you.

(Krylon Blue) #144

How is this even allowed in any match? This was an issue all match and the next match before I left.

Also, played a match with my buddy @III_EnVii_III and my 25ms ping was making my bullets do literally no damage. I was getting killed around walls by high pings and when I did hit an enemy with almost a full clip of Active Lancer he killed me in one shot as I reloaded and I did 30% damage. That brings me to this again - why am I at a disadvantage for having a low ping?

(III EnVii III) #145

It was crazy Spongey crap …

(xSTREET GIBSx) #146

@III_EnVii_III @Krylon_Blue

Iv made a little discovery with the ranking system that shows even more of its flaws.

So the ranking system seems to move you purely based on what your current rank is compared to your teams. Plus if you win or lose.

For example. I usually run a three man group.

Me onyx 2
And my buddies being onyx 3 and one diamond 3.

Well me and the other onyx player could not move up in rank to save our lives. We both went on around a 12 game win streak to not move up 1% while the diamond kept shooting up.

Anyways we noticed on one of the games we won the diamond was on the bottom. And me and the onyx where in 1st and 2nd. Yet we didn’t move up at all and the diamond went up 30%. Fishy right?

So then after the diamond logged off we kept playing. Every game we won we went up in rank with no problem. As soon as the diamond comes back we stop moving again.

So I think sense we have someone higher rank than us we are almost expected to win so we don’t get anything. And it registers him as carrying even if he is 5th on the scoreboard or 1st. There is no difference.

And for him it seems to give him a boost because we are lower ranks and he is expected to lose.

There is a 0% chance it’s actually based on your individual play in each round like they claim.

Any thoughts or anyone else notice this trend?

(HUG3 N3WB) #147

Wow, that’s really dumb.

Good sleuthing :+1:

(xSTREET GIBSx) #148

Yeah. It’s not a good system at all. I’d accept a slight loss in % for playing with someone at a higher tier. But a complete shutoff is excessive to say the least.

(III EnVii III) #149


That’s always made sense to me.

The easiest way to rank up -

Playing Solo - you are expected to lose if you come up an against players of higher levels / squads.

I find here if I win a few matches with MVP & Smooth Operator - I can shoot up in rank.

But it’s so hard because you can place first on your team or even out of 10 but you normally get paired with noobs so winning the match is hard.

If you play in a team, it’s much harder to rank up. Especially if there is a diamond or more in the team because they are expected to win every match.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #150

Well for me if I’m playing with the diamond. I can get mvp and smooth operator. But I will not move up and he still will. Because all the game registers is that his is a higher tier than me. And we won. But sense he was a higher tier it discredits the fact I was 1st out of all 10 players. Because he is a higher rank and obviously that just must be why we won. Not because we played well. Or had mvp. And for him the game sees he is playing with lower tier players so he must be carrying even if he got placed in 5th on the team.

Just doesn’t make sense to me.

If anything shouldn’t I get a bonus for playing better than higher tiered players that game?

(III EnVii III) #151

I get what you mean, it’s very frustrating and doesn’t make sense.

I really hate when I get MVP and Smooth Operator but lose due to my team and I still down rank.

On a personal level, you did better than the other 9 players so shouldn’t warrant a deduction…

(xSTREET GIBSx) #152

Yeah and even better. You do better than all other 9 players and win. But still get nothing.

Just feels so very rewarding! Gotta love it! :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #153

Oh tell me about it.

Game loves to put you down but not so much after a MVP performance and win.

You need to be wishing with all your might that 20 minute match or so was worth at least 1% gain :sob:

(xSTREET GIBSx) #154

I’m glad when I see other players in higher ranks of diamond. But when they screen shot it and show it on the forums and they have 330 wins 310 losses and they are diamond 5 it just blows my mind. Because I have multiple game types where I have twice as many wins than losses but still have a onyx rank. The most recent diamond I have had is actually my game type with my lowest win loss. Kinda crazy

(III EnVii III) #155

Yeah, I have a relatively decent win % or 72% or so but still cannot break into diamond.

A lot of my losses are because I mostly play solo and even then I’m still performing top 1-3 out of 10 players.

(DctRxDooM) #156

Well I do agree with some of your points, unfortunately those clips are both terrible examples. People if you want TC to take notice of issues please post clips of videos that are actually a problem.
Clip 1- you didn’t shoot the guy that killed you that’s why it said you did 0 damage (you shot the guy behind him.
Clip 2- don’t know what to say about that you were just missing all around and getting lit up from the opposite team.
But the gnasher is goofy and the spawns are terrible

(Avenge Her) #157

Definitely some truth to that, ran three games with a Gold 3 and Bronze 2, Placed MVP in all 3 matches, and went up almost 25%, mind you I’m an Onyx 3. Each game, I pretty much Averaged about 16 kills, 5 deaths (The matches with the GOLD 3 and Bronze 2) . Mind you, when I would play alone or with other Onyx Teammates, despite me placing in the top two score and winning a match, I would only move up 3 percent at a time. So basically, if you’re a high rank and you play with people with a lower rank then yourself, you’re automatically set to lose according to the ranking system. So when you do win against the people that are a lower rank, you will get a bigger % increase, especially if you win MVP and have a high kill count.

(AlphaSturm) #158

Can lag compensation please be removed? I feel sooo many issues with this game would be solved if lag comp was removed. So tired of having one of the lowest pings but getting screwed over by 100+ pings and the game just not letting me play at my best. I was diamond the first 2 seasons before the new ping matchmaking system. Now i feel like diamond isnt even a skill thing anymore, its just who connects to servers better. Last 2 rounds, first one went 26 and 9 on tdm, next one went 9 and 12. Why are these lobbies connections sooo random? TC can you at least do a segment on lag comp explaining how it works

(DOG FiXT) #159

Every day when i try to play this trash game i see: “fantastic” ping on my opponents, 16 trash updates, funny moments with grenade, trade shotgun kills, enemy just walk on map (not press A button) and kill you :joy:, “super” rang system. Shame!


I don’t agree with 99% of what you said. The only thing I can level with you on is the region issue. I live in Japan and play on the PC. I NEED to be able to choose the West coast so I can find games. The only way I can find games as of right now is partying up with someone who lives in the States. If I try and play alone, I can sit searching for 30 minutes and not find a game. Wtf?

(ITheRealMachine) #162

This is fine ,you should be able to play ,just not with players that ping 25ms …We should all be connected to a lobby by connections…They already said they do this but I think the issue now is the 250ms window they claim is fair …

(Amaaan asif88) #164

I agree with you if tc not fixing this issue i have to stop playing gears