(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(Krylon Blue) #123

Considering speeds aren’t even relevant beyond a few Kbps your comment makes sense. The issue is ping which your speeds can provide. Those with high pings are being out on the wrong servers or using poor WiFi/cellular internet. Also, high ping spikes can be caused by poor upload and download because they can’t provide enough bandwidth to go around. When I posted my results my point was that not only is my ping consistently low I also have so much bandwidth to go around I could stream more 4K streams than I can even imagine doing so without an issue. These players I’m normally paired with aren’t capable of streaming a 240p video without destroying their connections which is why they shouldn’t be paired with low pings. It’s time they design a system that tracks how much your connection fluctuates. If it happens multiple times you’re banned from Ranked play until you play 5-10 matches in Social without abnormal spikes. At this point you’re allowed into Ranked again until your connection acts up again.

(xDemonBrotherx) #124

^ This is my main concern. The shotgun consistency is just non existent.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #125

I know drives me insane.

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I have a few videos I would to post of last night for me. Even though it was on Core it still shouldnt be so inconsistent.

Also quick question for anyone; since when can you get a one shot headshot with Boltok? Am I behind the times on this one because I have a perfect clip showing it happen to me with a kill exchange

(Ahvestro) #127

YES. YES. YES especially on the cool downs like i have dealt with all the other bs and learned to adjust but this i cant.

(GWG iKnowledge) #128

@xSTREET_GIBSx Any idea behind this? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gwg-iknowledge/video/51925048

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Anything from the CMs regarding this? It’s been a major problem.

Its impossible to gauge where you are as a player and what you need to work on when my client isn’t showing me an accurate representation of what’s going on.

500 asynchronous connection with a constant 5ms (zero jitter) ping to GOWs servers.

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@TC_Vectes @TC_Octus @TC_MichaelAOS @EVIL_0NE

Let’s play a game :grinning: I’ll show you three screen shots. You say which ones you think are kills or not!

This next one is to show the ammo count change from the screen shot above. Hint! No bullets marks on the ground or wall


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You know, I don’t necessarily blame TC for hit registration issues but how is it they’ve mucked the ranking system up so badly?

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how to comment other questions?

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@III_EnVii_III @Krylon_Blue

So… the plot thickens.

I fired up the good ol pc last night and played maybe 6 is so games, and I didn’t experience any of the bs I usually do. Idk if it was just luck or what. But imma try it out again and see.

For Xbox I play on the Xbox one X and it’s hard wired. Pc was wireless and across the house. Pc is a bit out of date but can run the game great if I keep the graphics around medium.

Pc my ping stayed around 30-40.
Xbox stays around 5-15.

So I wonder if stuff just registers better on pc, or if playing wireless and a connection that’s not as good makes all the difference. Not that 30-40 is high but maybe that’s a good spot.

Who knows. Any ideas. Anyone test this out as well before?

(III EnVii III) #134

If I join a East US game and everyone else is on 30-40ms and I’m on 80ms, I can easily destroy them.

When in my local EU server and it’s the other way around and I’m sitting here on 5-15ms ping, I can’t kill anyone :+1:

(xSTREET GIBSx) #135

The highest ping server for me is only mid 50s low 60s but I never even get put on it. I’m central us so east and west are both 15-20 and central is around 5-10

(Krylon Blue) #136

I’m not entirely sure but it may have to do with there being no 3x buffer lag on PC.

As for today, lost a match against 4 Diamonds and a rank I didn’t take note of. Two of those Diamonds, I believe Diamond 4 or 5, we’re pinging 95ms+ all match and had spikes as high as 700ms. They sponged every shot and even ate dropshots to the head. After the match I looked and of course they were from Mexico. Freakin Mexico!

@TC_Octus, these updates are great and all but please for everyone sake stop pairing US based players with Mexico! Does your studio seriously think the game works when playing with this countries beyond awful connections? Because I have a newsflash for you: it doesn’t work! A lot of these players wouldn’t even be high Onyx without their cheating ways and a lot of us know this already. High ping fluctuations have the same negative effect on matches as actual cheaters would. If the player is gaining an unfair advantage they should be considered cheaters and treated as such. Not banned but not allowed to play with low pings. In other words, allow US players to stay within our own country. It’s unfair to expect me to play Team Mexico and fall victim to their cheap lag advantage. Yes, there’s the occasional laggy US player but that’s makes up less than 1% of the laggy players in my matches. Mexico is 99.9% the problem and if you can’t see this you’re just trying to ignore the problem. You are from Canada so you don’t experience these awful connections but you need to listen to your community when they bring this concern to you. That means…


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Yeah if any of you have access to a good computer. Give it a shot. I like mouse and key board for precision accuracy. But I think I’ll hook the control up next time. Love me some movement.

Just curious if anyone else gets the same results.
Out of 6 games I only recall one sponged shot. Which is truly amazing. I’d be happy if it only happened 3-4 times a game. But once a whole night. Life changing

(TrackNova) #139

If they did this I would play ranked again, right now it’s out of the question ,unplayable ,

(Ree4er Madness) #140

So they’re just going to ignore this thread huh. Nice.

(DrummerTSherry) #141

I agree with all the issues on the table.

I think i good way to approach these issues would be to create a
“EXPERIMENTAL” game mode.
This game mode has one purpose only. To try out tunnings of weapons, spawns, wallbounce cool downs, kill trading…etc.
The players jump in the gamemode knowing that spawns are changed. or that weapons play different. or that the cover system as changed.
This will give TC a chance to test out the problems while they retrieve data.

(chaaze) #142

Yeah, then after too many similar threads we’ll get a brand new forum. Cool huh?