(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(GWG iKnowledge) #101

I have no idea but it isn’t the first time this has happened to me. First few times i thought it was lag because games for me were laggy way back a few months but now its not as bad for me but it still happens. Its just really crazy how that happens. Wish someone from TC could explain it but i don’t think there is one.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #102

I was seeing some lag throughout the whole clip. Maybe you don’t notice it because it’s now the normal to you. But I saw a decent amount of skipping. Enough that I’d be frustrated trying to play like that consistently.

(GWG iKnowledge) #103

That is true since i’ve played with it for so long i might be used to it. Thats mainly what i kept telling the people i play with to do with lag as well just play with it as best you can because it won’t go away.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #104

I personally never have an issue with lag. As the worse server I can be out on out of any region only goes up to 80~ ms. And that I never even see. My average range is 5-20. Max. But my frustration is trying to play against players who at lagging. It feels like they sponge point blanks on the regular and I have to almost purposely miss them to kill them. It’s insane.

(GWG iKnowledge) #105

Yeah i know what you mean there. I’m in North Carolina with around 10 - 30 every match when its doing good sometimes it’ll just spike up to about 100 - 200 and die down 2 seconds after. On the old forums there was a dude named TRS Gear i think he made a good post about some matches he is surprised how hard or easy it is to kill some people and how some matches it feels like one team is always a second ahead and his missed shots kill people. My frustration is placed similarly to yours but sometimes like in that clip i am just astonished by what i personally see in it.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #106

Yep I understand. Don’t know if you watched any of my clips from the top. But you can see how they all run smooth. Have 0 spikes. And no detectable lag. Yet. I was still PointBlanking people and nothing happen what so ever

Edit : I understand not evey shot in the clip was a hit. I’m talking about the ones that did

(GWG iKnowledge) #107

Oh yeah i watched them on the old forums too. Stuff like that is why i just strayed from this game over time. I still go back and play gears 3 every now and then and that game lags like hell sometimes but still playable at least to me. I’ve been on both ends of it as well taking point blanks standing still and dishing out point blanks and still nothing. It’s almost like a game of RNG. Do you get to sponge point blanks or does the enemy get to.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #108

100% agree with the rng part. Which had no room in ranked.

(GWG iKnowledge) #109

@EVIL_0NE Hey sorry to bother you again but with the new quit thing where theres a reliability rating depending on how much you quit it can either be negative or positive will that also be in effect if you leave after another player has quit for the 7 minute timer?

(EVIL 0NE) #110

I will flag @TC_Vectes On this… See if he can provide more information.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #111

And if there is a possibility of getting that time reduced. Because some games blow by way faster than that if you are down by a man and can’t contest the objective as well because you are out maned. Cough cough king of the hill :rofl: @EVIL_0NE

(EVIL 0NE) #112

Yeah I’ve brought this up. Hopefully they can shed some light on your questions, and concerns. :smile:

(xSTREET GIBSx) #113

@EVIL_0NE thanks buddy. And yeah I’m sure you understand. Yes king is a longer lasting game mode. But if you are down a man. Or the other team is down a man. Even if your in the first round. The game can easily end if in less then 7 minutes. So you almost have to fight just to extend the game so you can leave without a penalty. Do you know if they have a system in place to display if it was a disconnect “internet issue” or a dashboard/console just being turned off. I know many games have it and it shows if the player has simple quit or disconnected.

Edit : Maybe even leave the quit bottom in the menu. But prompt the player if they quit there will be a penalty. And if someone quits and accepts there penalty then the rest of the team have the option to quit with no penalty? I know this is all very tricky and hard to nail on the head. And every system has its flaws and work arounds. I’m happy with the punishment or the people who initial quit. But not happy with how the players on there team have to suffer a possible lose and rank % loss

(thesuicidefox) #114

Guys this won’t change. The game’s been like this since release, it’s almost 2 years now. You are beating a horse’s skeleton at this point.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #115

I mean there have been a lot of changes. And even if they can’t do it in this gears. Why not get the thought fresh.

(ExcaIibur) #116

The OP makes valid points, yet all these have been mentioned before and nothing has changed for the better. Its actually gotten worse.

No wonder so many people have moved on from actually playing this game.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #117

Kill or nah? Miss or hit? Whatcha guys think?

Edit : the people in my party where spectating and said I completely missed, I had the lowest ping in the game. I think that about sums up lag compensation.

(Krylon Blue) #118

I was one shot killed by an enemy pinging at 120ms tonight but on my screen he was facing a wall and I was behind him. I shot him 3 times point blank with a 35ms ping and once I am dead it mentions nothing about the damage I did so apparently I did 0% damage. But upon death I watched my teammate, also pinging around 35ms take on this same player. On my screen I saw her miss her shot which she admitted to but she was killed in 1 shot which on my screen he missed by 10 feet. On her screen though she said he hit her.

So, um, what the hell is up? We’re all seeing different things when a high ping player is involved. Un-freakin-acceptable!

(chaaze) #119

^Yeah, crippled connections players are cutting on/off thru the maps all the time, frames dropping, teleporting, sponging as usually… I can stand one of these matches if they happen occasionally, but the problem is they are present way too often. Even stacked teams full of party players with enormous pings are repeatedly matched with regular pings solo people game after game. There’s just way too many flaws in matchmaking system right than it’s been reported.

(x The Horrorist) #120

well i got 10mb down and 5 mb up always getting 35+ too 40 ms in ping
so 1gb up and 500mb down dont mean ■■■■ on gow