(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(BindiRoy1974) #81

Exactly enemies looking away or spawn on top of you. Far away or close up instant death multiple times. Heres a good one for you 2 enemies both 11 & 12 positions your at 6 o’clock lead bad guy at 11, 1 pace ahead of 12 spot close up face blast on 11 the enemy at 12 blows up 11 takes for impact lives as I die saying 2 percent you did. How messed up is that.


@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes @TC_MichaelAOS @EVIL_0NE

Is it true that if people quit in your game. If they fail to rejoin within the givin time you are given a option to quit through the start menu?

(Ektope) #83

Yeah, it’s true.
But there’s like a window of 7 minutes, I think.
As long as it’s a quitter from your own team.


I attempted last night before the match endes after losing 2 teammate and never saw the option. Hmm must be looking at the wrong place

(EVIL 0NE) #85

Correct ,if people QUIT in a ranked match, and fail to return at the allotted time, you can press the menu button and if you see the option to quit you will not receive a penalty.

(Ektope) #86

Those players, they may have quitted in less than 7 minutes before the match ended.
I can picture this might not make the quit to main menu appear, because match already ended.


Dang I took so many avoidable Loses. I had no clue until I saw something today. Sucks that’s a lot of % lost from games like that

Edit : @EVIL_0NE when was this added?

(EVIL 0NE) #88

This was added a while back, and was posted in the update notes on community page, I believe it was also discussed multiple times on the weekly Community Streams with TC.

(chaaze) #89

7mins wait for the quit in the options is too long for 3 rounds matches, therefore the confusion. Many are not seeing it at all.

(BRADEN 5) #90

Great post. 100% agree.

(Ektope) #91

Yeah, this is what I can agree with.
It seems to be a bad move to leave at the last minutes, denying others from leaving normally.

(EVIL 0NE) #92

I do agree with you on that there, 7 mins is to long for game modes such as TDM. or Dodgeball, and I believe it was discussed on a Community Stream they were looking into adjusting it per game mode.

  • TDM: 5 mins to rejoin, if quit player failed to join the option would appear to leave the match.
  • Escalation: 7 mins, due to matches typically being much longer.

I don’t know if this is still being considered or not, @TC_Octus @TC_Vectes Can you confirm this?


Can’t believe I missed it then. That’s a lot of frustrating losses in king. That I stayed in just to try to get as many points as I can even though it was a 100% loss because where were down a person or multiple people

Still doesn’t seem fair if your in a king. And score is
1-1 and your up 100 points but some leaves and doesn’t come back and you still end up losing. Games like that are the ones that get me most stressed. Even the ones that I stayed in when people quit at the start. Just frustrating over all. Maybe consider making so if someone quits only the waiters lose ranks. Not the other people that had to suffer

(GWG iKnowledge) #94

Man i didn’t even know about that quit thing. I’ve gone many matches without attempting it even if all players on my team left to be a 1v5. Also @EVIL_0NE if you know when a player leaves and you still win or lose does your ranking still get affected? I thought i read something about it not affecting you when a player leaves.

(EVIL 0NE) #95

From my understanding . No penalty at all… Meaning won’t affect rank if you leave a match with the quit option in the in game start menu. But I would to see if TC and comment on this.

(VettleGT) #96

I miss picking my own game\room like in the original gears…

(GWG iKnowledge) #97

Okay sometimes staying in someone leaves my team and we lose my rank will still be affected which is another thing because sometimes when i lose matches i gain rank not lose it. I stay around Onyx 3 and Diamond 1 most of the time but still sometimes confused how i gain rank after taking a big loss. Thanks for letting me know about the Quit thing though that’ll be really helpful.


Would be cool if we got compensated rank % wise for the games our teammate dipped out and we lost rank for because we are not quitters and stayed to the end not knowing there was a way out

(GWG iKnowledge) #99

@xSTREET_GIBSx put this clip on .25 and look at that Del http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gwg-iknowledge/video/51573021
I’m playing sloppy but i break his meatshield and he had gnasher being pulled out but he doesn’t shoot he reloads instead and still downs me. You can tell it was him because at the very end when he kills me only he did damage to me.
Game wasn’t lagging for me it was playing almost as smoothly as campaign.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #100

Yeah that was crazy. But only thing I can think is it didn’t show his bullet come out due to server connection. And it was the last bullet in his clip so he started instantly reloading after.