(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)


Like by all means bring in new players. But don’t push the old ones out to do it.

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YEEEEEEEES EXACTLY . that needs to be whats going on in their heads


Hopefully we see wingman in competitive to spice things up though. I think that would be a great idea

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Holy moly has tonight been an awful experience. 4 matches and every single one had incredible amounts of sponging, teleporting, and being killed by enemies that were not only far away but looking at a wall. Are you kidding me right now? Why am I pinging at 26ms against 500ms players? I stopped playing not because I wanted to but because your matchmaking is pairing me with 7 Mexico players per match and it’s beyond unplayable.

Lock Mexico players to their own exclusive server now! No one wants to deal with their worse than AOL connection anymore. I’m fed up with enemies standing still sponging shot after shot only to survive because their connection isn’t capable of providing a consistent amount of Kbps all match. Fix it!

P.S.: Lots of quitters tonight and every single one was a low ping. Again, notice a trend here? Low pings quit because they’re sick of you pairing them against high ping cheaters just so they can feel good about themselves. You should be punishing the high ping/high fluctuation players instead. It’s 2018 and there’s no excuse for players to have connections this poorly. If they do they can be in an all lag lobby for all I care. I’m done dealing with them. I can’t even get my good friend to play anymore because you keep pairing us with these Mexico players. Come on, stop pushing all the good players with good pings away to appease those with 1X mobile internet.


Yeah tonight was garbage, core is garbage the gnasher in core is designed to down people and not kill them. It’s sad how bad they have mad it. Hopefully we get some kinda fix

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Can we please get some kinda info. It’s getting out of hand. Kinda messed up to ignore threads

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Yeah, I mean, I have seen bad connections before but this is ridiculous. Every match has these high pings and every single one of them is sponging shots but one shot killing my team from around corners. It’s not fair and it really needs to stop happening immediately. A difference of 50ms in Gears is far too much for some odd reason so why do you think we will believe 250ms is acceptable? Come on now, I’ve played enough Gears to know I’m being screwed in a consistent basis. You remove their ping advantage and watch them start getting destroyed more often because they are so used to cheating the game based on connection.


I didn’t have as much of a problem with ping as you. But more so sponging. My typical one shot kills where taking two shots. Downing someone in poo poo core took 3+ shots which is unheard of. That thing is a damn long shot. I’m hitting full spreads on people for them to leave and not even hit me full spread as I see bullets on the ground or wall and I die from the same distance. It’s sad. A few times a player kept spiking to 800+ and would almost become unkillable

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Yeah, here’s what I kept dealing with today…


Sadly I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise for us anymore :rofl::rofl:

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Nope, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. It makes no sense as to why they won’t keep this people out of matches. It’s not even within their already ridiciulous 250ms window and these weren’t spikes…

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Another match full of laggy players. Are you kidding me right now? This is for all intents and purposes UNPLAYABLE when you’re shot by players not even there but they sponge every shot. Fix this!


It won’t be fixed. If you go back in look at some responses tc made. They are saying we just are missing our shots and there is no such thing as sponging. Because they tested it on there lan connection at the studio and it doesn’t happen :rofl::rofl::rofl: makes me mad

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Oh trust me I’ve read their comments on it but they’re completely wrong. When I have to miss just to get kills there is a huge problem with the way the match is running. These high pings are killing me before their game even shows they pulled the trigger and that includes Lancers and Gnashers. Considering a Lancer is about what, 12 shots for a down, how am I not getting notified of it until AFTER I’m downed? So messed up… doesn’t happen in low ping games though.

So what does that tell us? Well for one it tells us high pings do indeed ruin matches. Gather every high ping and force them to have their own lag-fest and leave me out of it.


They could increase matching making time to ensure we get out with better fit teams.

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As it stands now I’m just going to try and see if I can maintain my sanity enough to get my Diamond rank back for those skins. I’m not sure why considering they’re ugly as hell but whatever. But my sanity cannot and will not accept being paired with high ping warriors any longer. But regardless of whether I continue playing for the skins or move onto other games I’m done playing once I hit Diamond unless you fix the lag. This can be done quite easily by tightening up the acceptable ping limit to 50ms difference. Yes, matches will take longer to find but I’d rather play 3 matches that aren’t complete and total nonsense than 5 matches of so much lag I don’t even start up match number 2.


They claim a system like that is in place already but I’m not buying into it

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According to @TC_Octus, they’re currently using a ping based matchmaking system. It allows for up to a 250ms ping gap but generally tries to find lower pinged matches. In his case, he says when he searches for a match and it find one within 20 seconds to a minute everyone is generally within 20-50ms of each other. This is said to be the norm and how it’s designed to work. However, this isn’t how it works in my case. A 20 second search and find will generally ping me at 25ms but I’ll be paired with players pinging between 120ms and 400ms. Basically showing that this 250ms window isn’t working nor is the system even attempting to find me optimal matches. I’d be extremely happy if it found matches like he claims it should but it fails to do so 99.9% of the time I search for a match.

Note: I tagged @TC_Octus because I want to give him the opportunity to clarify how it works if I misrepresented his initial claims. I recall him saying this to me and I’m 99% positive I am getting his response correctly but just to be fair (and safe) he should see it.


Sadly very unlikely to get a response. They seem to respond to things that are not a issue. But are just simple misunderstandings. Maybe I will be proven wrong. I don’t see this post staying up much longer typically when I make post like this they end up getting deleted.

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Actually, he replied to me regarding this issue before which is why I tagged him as I was paraphrasing his response. I have nothing against @TC_Octus but for whatever reason his experience with the matchmaking is different than mine and it’s not even close. Considering that response was a couple weeks ago on the old forums I figured I’d post it here and give him a chance to chime in.


Always worth a shot!