(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)


It’s just an excuse to lose. They like to think someone has host and host advantage like some of the older gears

Edit : Obviously because they are too good to lose without a bogus reason

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The system will never work properly and therefore needs to go.

Artificial lag won’t help anyone’s experience.

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Why do you ignore the fact that lag compensation works properly in other games? Or are you just saying The Coalition is incapable of doing it correctly even though others have?


Agreed he is being a little big ignorant about the situation and just repeating like a 2 year old. :upside_down_face:

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I don’t like the entire concept, I’m sure it does work in other games but that doesn’t mean the concept makes sense.

Why increase someone’s lag? - it’s just like people who use PC monitors to play on their Xbox or PC and who have drastically lower input lag, why not have Lag Compensation for that too???

Then there’s lag from wireless controllers and wired keyboards / controllers, why not compensate for that difference too?

Easiest option is to leave out such a BS system.

Connect to the server at the lowest possible ping and play the game - you want a perfectly even playing field - play on LAN.

I’d rather connect to the game at my own natural ping than have it different every match because of other people’s connections …


I don’t think you realize when it’s used right how much it benefits you even if you have a perfect connection.

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I don’t think you realise I’d rather not have it in games, especially in Gears where we are 6 games in and the shotgun still can’t work consistently.

I see zero situations where I’d want artificial lag in a game and how that would even benefit me.

All it would do is raise my ping :confused:

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@xSTREET_GIBSx Would this clip go with it? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gwg-iknowledge/video/50923092

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I mean just look at fortnite 100 players and 30 hz, while this game only has 10 players and 30hz with way less action, up the tickrate…


The mantel kick yeah hahah

@EVIL_0NE do you agree with any of this?

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Dont get me started on flinching, its not needed and it messes up so many shots, and is it just me or is the kill percent not even work. If i do 82, and my friend does 90 how is he not dead, mind you it within maybe 12 seconds of my shot,


Right. The % is completely bogus and just frustrating. I thought it was cool at first. But should just be removed since there is no consistency.

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Three esport packs three classic cole really too bad bro please give me dom as gift and take 3 cole

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Can’t really trade, unfortunately.
Gotta know it was random RNG, nothing’s guaranteed.

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man they messed up cause they made a place we everyone can hate on gears…i love it


I’m not here to hate on gears it’s my favorite game. I’m just wanting some feed back from the community and devs. Community answered. But apparently devs are to much to ask for even though they ask for feedback. Speaking off @TC_Vectes @TC_Octus @TC_MichaelAOS is there any update on rank/xp/credit freezes?

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oh i know i dont hate the game but look there’s so much wrong but so little right. they have taken to many steps back i just hope that the next one isnt the end of the road, you know


It was there first original game. I hope the next one is different. I think change is needed. Not everyone will ever be pleased so try to stick to the loyal die hard fans and not only focus on new players who disappear every time a triple A title comes out. The game is supposed to be challenging and feel rewarding once you grind and get good at it. Sadly that is no longer the case. It has been dumbed down dramatically and made for anyone to pick up the controller and have success instantly

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true i 100% agree