(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)


Lag compensation had been causing more issues that it fixes. If someone has a poor connection. Sorry I don’t feel bad for them. Multiplayer requires a good connection just the way it is.

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The artificial system ruins it for everyone!!


Get rid of lag compensation and region locking. Then most people will play on there best region available and not want to play on regions with higher ping just for the sponging and teleporting benefits

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Again, it doesn’t “need to go” as you put it. I understand your frustration because I agree with your reasoning 100% as I experience a bunch of nonsense in nearly every match I play. But you have to remember there isn’t an online shooter without some form of lag compensation and that includes Halo, Overwatch, Battlefield, Call of Duty and other high profile games. The issue is in how The Coalition has programmed it and likely their overall netcode also. It creates far too many inconsistencies but not all of these issues are lag compensation based which is why I also blame the netcode itself. Both of these need a serious overhaul in the next game and truthfully maybe they should ask Cliffy B who designed the netcode for LawBreakers because even though they’re out of business I never had any issues with that game running smoothly when it was active. They could also go in house, well Microsoft house anyways, and ask 343i how they are able to make Halo 5 play flawlessly for low pinged players.

Also, to prove I’m not against your idea because of a possible poor connection, consider this; I’m from Illinois so the Midwest of the USA. Every match is laggy despite me usually having the lowest ping in the lobby and if not the lowest only a few off. I have plenty of bandwidth to go around and run my Xbox One X hard wired into a top of the line router. According to Ookla SpeedTest, I have what is considered a “Top 1%” connection within the United States. So yes, I agree with your frustrations.


I agree with what your saying. By removing it don’t just trash can the whole thing. But they at over compensating and going purely off server side. Which isn’t that good. As for lagging and my personal connection. I never lag unless there is a server spike. Which everyone in the lobby will lag then. But you can tell when someone is lagging in this game. It’s almost a benefit.

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No, it needs to be gone.

I don’t want my ping artificially increased. I want to play at ONE ping level consistently- not have a lottery every match wishing all the players have low ping.

And you do a speed test with no latency data?

How about a real test:


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Oh, I agree fully. It’s a mess.

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Because I’m on mobile and using wireless so I ran it through my router settings. But the one time I used DSLReports everything checked out just fine. I don’t have any connection issues with my Fiber connection and as I said I’m always the lowest on the lobby. But removing lag compensation isn’t and never will be the answer. Those suggesting doing so literally have no idea how bad it would be. Your ping is in relation to the server so it wouldn’t always be the same. In fact, it would likely be more inconsistent because one match you’re at 20ms but the next you’re further out with 60ms. In a perfect world your idea would be awesome and I truly wish that’s how it was. What really needs to happen is The Coalition needs to rewrite the way it works. Because again, every game uses lag compensation but only Gears feels different every match. That right there is a programming issue; not a technology issue.

But for your sake, here’s a WiFi test on my phone of my connection. I selected Cable because it seems to be the closest option to what I have.


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Why do people mainly refer lag compensation in Versus?
It’s also needed for Horde too.
If a EU player tries to play around night time to early morning, they may not matchmaking locally but possible region hopping, like I’ve noticed US and Mexican players in my Public Horde games.
I might end up being from 20+ m/s ping to 100+ or 200+ m/s ping, while everyone else may be enjoying under -100 m/s ping.
I’ve noticed the hit detection seems a little off, and very slight delays even against bots.

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No - there is only the North EU server and West EU server.

I ping one at 10ms and one at 15ms.

But when there are 2-3 people in the game at 100, 200 and even 300+ ping - it messes it up for everyone.

Your ping should be the lowest your connection can do, regardless of anyone else in the game.

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I’m guessing it’s because it has a direct impact on their experience when they have a good connection while the high ping is benefitting from their lag. When you’re playing against bots players tend to be less hostile when compared to laggy players.


You’re right everything is ran off dedicated servers even co-op. So it is everywhere. But personally I have never played horde. Or the campaign. So I can’t really say much about how those play.

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Server wise, lucky you. I can be placed onto East US, North Central US, South US and West US. Every server is filled with high ping/high fluctuation Mexico players and it’s a nightmare. If I could get an explanation as to why they’re on every server it would be a miracle because geographically it makes no sense. But again, the idea behind lag compensation is to even the playing field. A game can’t be competitive if you’re given an advantage over the next player just because you so happen to live near the server. You’d be causing the same issues for others that you’re complaining about now but I will agree you’re in the right to a certain extent here. It’s unfair to force you or anyone else play with players that have high pings and high fluctuations. These players need to be put into their own servers once detected and have one big Lag Fiesta while we have solid matches. Your want of consistent matches is something we all want and you likely know by now I’ve been extremely vocal about it. But lag compensation is indeed the best option whether you want it to be or not. This technology doesn’t in itself equal poorly performing matches. It’s the matchmaking, poor netcode and how the lag compensation is written that causes it. If anything, the lag compensation should help close the gap in ping but still put the high ping at a disadvantage. Those with similar pings would have a negligible difference and no one would notice it. I’ve stressed this above but I’ll say it again; every game has lag compensation. The difference is you don’t notice the issues there but you do here. That’s the fault of The Coalition and their, wait for it… netcode, matchmaking and the way lag compensation is implemented.

Believe me, I’m on your side 100% about something needing to be done. It’s a disaster of a game lag wise yet their PR team still acts like it’s acceptable. If this is acceptable than I say they have all future tournaments using their netcode just to see how it really is… Let’s see a USA team vs a Mexico team and see how consistent that one is.

Edit: Meant to say that just today, as usual. I was forced to play a match with 3 players pinging high on the enemy team. 1 of those players was consistently at 400ms but spikes as high as 1100ms. Their connection wasn’t sticking to a solid ping all match. But hey, that’s fair, right @TC_Octus? I mean, considering that was well above your 250ms “acceptable” window and he never went lower I’d love to know how he “slipped through the cracks”. Needless to say, game was unplayable and my inputs were very sloppy and delayed. Shots didn’t register, tons of “4 hits for 45% damage” type of deals and so on. Gotta love these players who, in my opinion, are cheating without actually trying to do so.

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I would rather someone gets a small advantage over me if they somehow have lower ping than me.


How is it fair if 9 players connect at 10-30ms and then one player messes it up with a 120ms ping?

Lag Compensation needs to go …

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As it stands currently it’s not fair but only because of how poorly it’s programmed into the game. That 120ms player shouldn’t make he game run poorly for us but they do. If you took that same player onto any other game they would likely be at a disadvantage because the lag compensation would bring them closer but not artificially make them lower.

Please, if we’re pushing for something let’s be realistic here. Lag compensation isn’t going anywhere but we need to push for a rewrite of it in Gears 5 so these issues no longer happen. Something you may not consider but my friend from California and I like to play together. One of us will generally be higher in ping if placed into a certain server based on location. But not unreasonably high, say one at 20ms and the other at 50ms. No one would want to play together anymore if they’d be put at a disadvantage by doing so. I fully understand your point of view but it’s just not reasonable. If other games can do it right so can Gears. Push for them to make it right without screwing others.

The solution? Change the matchmaking algorithms and fix your netcode/lag compensation. A 120ms difference in ping shouldn’t make the whole game feel like everyone is pinging at 500ms.

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I mean, recently I found myself playing quicksocial more than ranked, it’s faster to find a good playable lobby. There’s no one on Execution for months, Core TDM is a pile of hipingers, quitters, afkers and other mess and you wait too long for that mess. AND I WON 10 matches in a row last night, guess what… stats were broken, none registered. WTF… seriously. And BTTE is out. Had great low ping lobbies!!

Actually, why matchmaking works much better with QS than for Ranked?? Quicksocial as P2P lags really less as I can say.

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As far as I know even Social matches run on Microsoft Azure servers so it’s not a P2P setup as you claim. Or maybe it has changed and I’m out of the loop on this one? I just don’t see it considering I’ve seen lobbies with nothing but bots before I got in there, lol.


Nothing is peer to peer in this game. Not even private matches. Host can leave as they please mid game and nothing happens.

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I knew private matches were also dedicated which is why I had thought Social was also. I’ve seen a few claims lately that Social is P2P so I was like “did I miss something here”.

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Thanks :slight_smile: