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(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(V7K1NG) #267

Simplest way to solve the quitting issue FILL WITH BOTS ,when someone joins they take the bots place

(Potty Snatcher) #268

Can some1 plZ shed light on how the game handles collision specifically when a player rolls into another player online its as if the game for a brief moment has some kind of placement/displacement “glitch” ( although visually it looks specifically like lag as it visually has you placed at the end point of whatever direction you were rolling) just before suddenly teleporting you back where the roll originally started. This collision issue is consistent and often leaves either one or both players confused all during these brief but vital moments. This can also often times lead to the unfair “backpacking” of one player caught in the aforementioned collision issue. (backpacking - when 1 player is facing the complete opposite direction of an opponent who is immediately behind the player and the opponent dies without actually have been aimed at and dies because of an issue with LT or maybe the aiming system in general.

We also need a huge boost in the consistency of active grenade audio because sometimes i hear nothing or its as if they blew up instantly

(Phaaze) #269

I signed in specifically to see if this issue was addressed.

Unfortunately I am not surprised to see this. Even a month later.

Looks like I’ll continue to forfeit playing Gears until the next game comes out. Hopefully reinstalling drivers that are at least or about a year old won’t be a recommended known fix. That’s just absurd.

(VibrainiumBrian) #270

Wonderful post man! Everything ive read here is exactly the issues i have been noticing the whole time ive been playing core. Im a gears fan in and out, with that being said these issues you explained here makes it so frustrating to play MP and hopefully in the future of gears alot of these issues will be fixed!