(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(DJ NME) #206

Agree with OP. Also, just a little thing. Locust orientated bounties would be nice. But irrelevant to the important stuff.

(Jax Demon) #207

The game needs to fix the issue where people with higher pings get rewarded. The games utter crap online due to this flaw. You shouldn’t be punished for having a good ping on a game that has servers. It’s lazy game coding.

(XxWARxXDa KiinG) #208

TC doesn’t care just don’t buy Gears 5 when it comes out. We need to boycott

(MYKN1F3URF4C387) #209

Can someone here tell me why if I won 4 out of 5 determining rank matches I’m put in bronze when I finished the season before in onyx? Is this a known issue with this ranking system? Also I really don’t play much. I also have been placed on a team of onyx and gold vs diamonds (the whole other team) 3 of them pc players. They typed a message before the game even started already saying GGs :roll_eyes:

(blindeyes133) #210

I play on PC, and would like to know why I can’t even get into casual matches with people on console. I fully understand why people in ranked wouldn’t want to play with PC people, but in casual you have ■■■■■■■ BOTS TARGETING PEOPLE THROUGH WALLS and people with 6 billion ping. Also, since console players are given the choice of playing with PC, why not give PC the option to play ranked w/ console players if the following criteria are met;
-Base FOV
Alternatively, if The Coalition feels like KB/M gives an unfair advantage, I can dig that, but so does having an elite controller. Ban those too if fairness is a concern.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #211

6.1K Views! Thank you guys for continually chiming in! Hopefully something is made out of it in the next gears!

They should consider featuring the more popular post on the forums. That would be a good way to get the most people involved @EVIL_0NE :eyes: