(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

(Krylon Blue) #185

I keep deranking because I’m put into matches with cheaters like this. Yes, I put up a Mexico emblem for giggles.

Ban players like this immediately!!! They’re cheating and every shot I fire is sponges and my movements aren’t doing what I’m telling it to do! Up+A doesn’t even do what it’s meant to half the time with laggy players like this!

(Amaaan asif88) #186

I agree with you bro

(Variable19) #187

Good stuff OP…these have been issues for well over a year. There are other posts exactly like this will all the evidence going back a long ways in the forums. The only answer I ever come to anymore is “Why did this just happen? Because Gears”. It is my mantra

(Gutsyraptor50) #188

I agreed with you on all,also I got to gold 3 now I’m gold 1,but have face on team deathmacht players who are diamond 1 to 4,there’s no equal on that,most of those games I had lost,especially with diamond 4

(chaaze) #189

You know… there’s currently ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SIX posts here on “SERIOUS MP issues that NEED to be addressed”… and none of the responses on addressing those…

Enough for the smart ones.

(mintTastic) #190

The ranking wtf!? It is soo bad you win 6 games with an mvp and lose 1 and because of that lost you drop dramaticallytakes so much to get back what you lost. Smh . It’s really bad if you lose 2 out of 6. The recovery is a hill to climb. Another thing is if one or most cases two people quit during gameplay the ranking of the players remaining drops also…

(Ghost Dog Zero) #192

So? That’s what we pay them for.

(StabbinSteven) #193

I can’t even play multi-player! I bought the game recently and I haven’t been able to connect to MP at all! I’ve waited for as long as 40 minutes and nothing happened! My connection is 100mbps+… Complained about a refund but got door slammed. Very poor customer care from Microsoft… I regret buying this useless game.

(III EnVii III) #194

What region are you? What are you trying to play and what time?

(Krylon Blue) #195

This has absolutely nothing to do with the issues you’re having. But as @III_EnVii_III asked what region are you from?

(ExceIscior) #196

I Keep getting 70% in Point blank Distances.Plus its the reason i even lose GB Matches sometimes.This is actual MLG Team Ladder Match https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/exceiscior/video/60650016and this is the reason i m mad about the Gnasher inconsistency


Are you serious? This isn’t fine you twit. You’re saying that I shouldn’t be able to play. Not. Fair.

(NE OMAHA) #198

Love the name

(DJ NME) #199

Great post OP. TC have literally brought no improvements to the gears table… Zero.
Everything from the gore to horde is dummed down or lacks any thought.
What gets me is that every decision that is made by TC has been discussed around a board room table . What we got was what they felt were the best decisions in those meetings. So how bad were the rejected ideas!? Who on eartb have they got working there ffs?

Ill still get gears 5 because i love the franchise… But if TC made a brand new original game, id avoid it like the plague.

(Solarhusky101) #200

Most of you guys are discussing about the connection I usually ping around 40ms every game and im diamond in tdm (Yes i know imma no life i get it and idc) If your fighting against a high ping player around 100ms then change how you play. Gears 4 doesn’t allow for the same play style against everyone. If im fighting a laggy player i change up my weapons i switch to hammerburst or enforcer to fight against them since they eat my gnasher (yes not everyone plays as much as i do. But if you wanna enjoy the game you gotta learn how to go the extra mile and if you dont you can leave theres a door right there just leave) gears 4 is TC first game literally there first game i have faith that gears 5 will be better. And for those petty people wbo dont wanna admit that they miss there shots they can leave as well. Now for the ranking system you have to grind at it the rank system is complex, but only becuase it wants only the dedicated to go up if your not dedicated to win or play a lot your not finna get your rank. And if you give up easly then GL cus your not gonna get you rank either. Ive lost a whole diamond rank going from diamond 4 to diamond 2 in just 4 games…4 GAMES its not ez but its a challenge and i was determined to get my D4 back and i did. Also they said on there tweet that 2.8 comp is coming to core meaning 1: gnasher is gonna be weaker 2: movement if gonna impove 3: percentage on hits is gonna change

(Krylon Blue) #201

You shouldn’t have to change your playstyle because of someone’s connection being poor. Everyone misses shots but it’s so obvious high pings have an advantage. Just the other day my friend was pinging at 20-40ms and none of his shots registered. One random match he was at 90ms and he couldn’t be stopped only for the next match his 30ms ping was useless again. I’ve been as high as Diamond 3 in KotH which is the most difficult mode to get Diamond in and I battled through the lag a ton. But that doesn’t excuse the lag for existing and if anything the high ping should be punished rather than those with low pings.

As for random drops, I lost 37% on a 2-0 loss that I was MVP by 1800 points with the most kills, captures and breaks. It wasn’t even close.

(Solarhusky101) #202

I’ve was Diamond in that last season as well not D3 but D2 and king is more team based you need a team or else its gonna be a bad game. Ive gone on a game where the enemy was 100ms and they were bot walkers above all of them i communicated with them we switch to enforcers and some switch to lancers ( and this was on foundation). This is a new game not the same one and this new game requires differnt things from you if you cannot provide those then your not gonna have fun

(DkN Capps) #203

This is a HUGE glitch. MUST be Fixed!

(Blizzard0fOzz) #204

I want to know how you can shoot around cover. That literally makes zero sense. This game has so many issues it’s not even fun playing this game.

(CraziestSock) #205

Has anyone noticed that most of the problems are getting worse? Gnasher bullet registration is to the point I might as well just walk up to them and let them kill me. Because I can shoot them the exact same distance and with actives and get 30 to 50% less a shot. Also, the fact that I haven’t played a full game in the last week. There is always one or more people that just stop playing for at least 3 mins and then just quit. Seriously, this needs to get fixed. Tired of playing games to only get screwed over by people that keep doing this. Getting a team together doesn’t help either, they just up and walk away too. You need to enforcer stronger penalties. Please.