(TC) SERIOUS multiplayer issues that NEED to be addressed (Vids)

  1. Weapon Registration - The main concern with weapon registration is the gnasher, sadly its not the only one though. For example, I’v seen while playing and recordings of people getting shot in the stomach with a long range weapon capable of head shots, and it registering as a head shot even though it wasn’t even close to the head. Then with the with the Gnasher there are TONS of times people get shot blood comes out yet it says 0% damage was done Example (Video). Even worse there are times the player should have been gibbed and took 0 Damage Example (Video). Ill leave a link below to even more examples of this happening, yes I am aware not all of them should have been gibs and that I missed some of my shots, but a decent amount of them should have been kills my main focus here is consistency which the weapons are clearly lacking, Link to more clips

  2. Spawns - This mainly is for King of the Hill. There have been dozens of times iv spawned right next to someone spawning on the opposite team, which should never happen. Also where you spawn should not single-handedly determine a game, there are tons of games that my team has won because the opposite team just kept spawning so far away, and the other way around. I understand spawn points are not the easiest to determine in a game type with re spawns but the current set up right now almost makes it unplayable.

  3. Ranking System - The ranking system clearly still needs A LOT of work, the ranking system doesn’t seem very consistent yet either. For example you state that if you are winning most of your games and playing well you will climb the ranks fairly smoothly, but once you start winning around the same amount as you lose your at the perfect ranks, or that if you lose more than win your rank is to high and will start to go down. This must not be the case at all over my last 10 KotH games I went 9-1 playing solo, 7 of those games I was MVP, and Smooth operator. Yet the total amount my rank changed over those 10 games was 5% up. the lose dropped me 5% and over the 9 wins i went up 10%. I just have a hard time understanding that you claim its “Working as Intended”

  4. Matchmaking - The Matchmaking doesnt seem to be working as intended either, as some games I have people on my team multiple tiers below me, or people on the opposite team will be multiple tiers below. Id understand this happening if the game took a long time to find so it kept expanding the search for players, but thats not the case most games are found in under 30 seconds. Also there are a lot of times teams of people playing solo get matched up with teams of 5,doesnt make sense that is happening in a ranked game mode, maybe add a solo que feature for when people are playing a lone they can only play against other people that are alone.

    4.5. Regions - What is the point in region locking when 90% of the time you do not even play with people in your region, I feel like things have gotten worse since then. I do not lag unless there is a lag spike in the server that effects everyone, typically I have 20 or less ping. I play using a Ethernet cord, and I have fiber-optic internet at the speeds 75mbps down - 50 mbps up. Which I believe the region set up may have to do with the registration issues listed above due to lag compensation.

  5. Split Tunings - This being a issues has been very widly discussed on the forums since launch many people suggested having each game time for both tunings, or making it so only one of them are ranked. The reply we got MULTIPLE times was “We dont want to do this because it would split the community of GoW” NEWFLASH having 2 weapon tunings is doing that already!! If for some very strange reason you guys decide to keep two tunings in the future games, Then make it so core is like social now, but have it on rolling lobbies with “host” on the dedicated servers to where certain gametypes can be picked or certain maps can be picked, Add a vote to kick option for poor host, or trolls in general. OR make it so the two tunings rotate gametypes over ther seasons, So everyone has a chance to play all gamemodes without playing the tuning they dont like. EVEN BETTER just make one tuning and this will never be an issue again.

  6. CoolDowns - For the love of god please REMOVE Cooldowns, all you are doing is forcing a certain playstyle that some people do not like, many people like my self prefer to be able to have free movement and be able to play aggressively while getting kills, and not rolling because “we didnt wait a second to try to shoot”. Seriously who does this make the game better for? All it does is add even more of a skill “Cap” when in a competitive/ranked game that should never be the case.

  7. Quitters - Its like the plague right now, you are lucky to play a full game without someone quitting on either team, maybe consider making it harder for the quitter to find matching if he is a repeat offender (remove them from priority and only put them in games that had expanded searches), make it so it effects there match making rank take a dramatic amount away from there rank. make it so x amount of future games you are not rewarded with credits or xp. I understand some of these are a little harsh but do not play ranked if you are not willing to finish the game no matter the outcome, and for people that truly disconnect there is a way for this to be determined as many other games are able to. yes this system can still be cheated and the player just disconnect from the internet, but make it so if they relaunch there game and refuse the “rejoin” option then they get a penalty

  8. Kill Trading - For the love of god just remove this or make it so it only happens if the players press there buttons at the SAME EXACT TIME, and not just without X amount of time of each other.

  9. Extras - This is just some less important stuff but still a little annoying. Please change having full squads play as a certain Faction (locust/cog), Just make it random. Reconsider reworking actives again, I feel like it was more meaningful when you had to actually have room in the clip for them. More team variant weapon skins. show just 2 maps on the voting screen so they can be tied and go to a random map.

I’m sure there is plenty I have missed and that everyone may not agree with all of it, if you have any thing to add or any feed back please comment and upvote. I’m sure just about everyone would like to hear some of these bullets addressed. Thank you for reading, Take it easy and hopefully we get a response.

Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!
Shots not registering
(HUG3 N3WB) #2

Great post :+1:

(HsT Gibs) #3

^ What he said, Nice GT!

(Ektope) #4

This has came up so many times, I agree with pretty much everything but,
TC be like, “we already know this…”
You know they’ve already tried to combat some of these issues, especially kill trade windows and addressing quitters from ranked shaming and such.
And it can’t all be done straight away, it’s complex.


I get it, but if “we already know” is the case why was ranked ever released, If a game has so many issues what good does it do to have ranks, and for quitters give people a Unranked game mode besides social people dont like being thrown into random stuff or playing gametypes they dont like give them something they can go into with a 5 man or solo on the gametype they like that is not ranked. so if people quit its not AS big of a deal.

I understand its complex stuff but thats what we paid for, we paid for them to fix these issues, we stayed loyal so they would, and some people buy packs so they will. its simply there job no matter how complex it is.

(Prime TBE) #6

:fire::fire: especially the kill trading…

(ROODiCuLou5) #7

Great post!

(Deathpunch522) #8

Very construct and super detailed, keep this up for them! I can also help with anything if you need some help with giving or gather feedback :facepunch:t2:

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #9

Universal tuning, no active reload buffs would solve alot of the issues i agree. Good topic, constructive feedback: i just think these 2 are the biggest issues

(Ektope) #10

Another issue, maybe better Servers with higher refresh rate.
Something like 60 Hz?
This should help with updating real time movement and positioning, more quickly and help aid lag compensation and fewer delays, less inaccurate positioning for when there’s large ping differences.

(OMAHA16) #11

Great Constructive post. “Quitters”, “Kill Trading”, and “Regions” are the biggest aspects of your post that should be addressed.

(Krylon Blue) #12

Agreed Omaha. I played two matches tonight and the first had multiple players spiking above 100ms from their normal 90ms and one ranging from 300ms to 1100ms all match. We lost that one because the lag was incredibly bad and unplayable. Second match we won but again 70ms-90ms players with large ping spikes made it messy. :frowning:

(Tommy TurboZ) #13

this is stuff that’s be talked about loads. It wont change in this game, hopefully gears 5 will have these changes


@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes Any kinda news on any of this?

(Dv8 Nv) #15

Anyone know why it’s not adding our score at the end of each match? I have played 5 escalation matches and it’s showing that I have only played one game in placements? I tried tdm and stuck on the same percentage? All my team mates are having the same issue


“Anyone know why it’s not adding our score at the end of each match? I have played 5 escalation matches and it’s showing that I have only played one game in placements? I tried tdm and stuck on the same percentage? All my team mates are having the same issue”

It’s just a bug. Continue playing you are still getting your credit

(Dv8 Nv) #17

So I will still be ranking up as well? Because I’m 98% onyx3 and it’s not moved in 8 games

(III EnVii III) #18

Very well said,

Lag Compensation needs to go!

(Krylon Blue) #19

Lag compensation doesn’t need to go and I find it funny when someone says that it does. It’s a necessity in all games and without it a player with a 5ms ping to the server would be at an advantage over the 20ms ping. That’s unfair considering both are great connections overall but one is next door to the server. The real solution is to remove high ping players from low ping matchmaking and adjust the lag compensation itself. As it stands, it’s all over the place and causes far too many inconsistencies that no other games suffer from. I understand The Coalition claims their game runs as good as others but that’s simple not true. I can’t think of any other game I teleport in, constant lag spikes due to players with horrible connections and overall online instability. That’s not even mentioning the sponging caused by all of this. Go to any other game including those also using Azure and I can’t recall ever teleporting once. Funny how it’s a common occurrence in every Gears match.

(III EnVii III) #20

Lag Compensation does not work and causes consistently issues because the lag varies match by match and the high ping players ruin it for low ping players.