TC Sending Aimbotters to sabotage GoW4 multiplayer?

Gears of war 4 which has been my favorite multiplayer game forever seems to have retained its loyal player base considering Gears 5 is a dumbed down boring mess for normies. The only problem? Aimbotters are rampant, and its not like the game has a large enough playerbase so that running into them the odd match isn’t a problem. Its every other game, and its getting to the point that i wouldnt doubt that its intentional.

TC is a company that has been exposed time and again to maliciously engage it’s original fanbase of gears, banning players who speak out against it and community managers blocking people who criticize them. Gears 5 was acknowledged to have taken the multiplayer formula in a step away from what classic gears players would consider fun, and it was done to placate to a wider audience. This created the schism between gears players on 4 and 5.

I would not put it past this company to engage in shady dealings to force players off the old game and onto the new. At best, they are negligent in upkeeping their older games security so all players can continue to enjoy it. At worse, they are complicit in it’s downfall to encourage players to move on to the new games. I hate this company’s silence on everything and wish to hear other players thoughts

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Yes. TC has hired aimbotters to go play Gears 4 so that those players will go play Gears 5.




I’ve seen a few conspiracy theories, but this is pretty up there.

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I think by this train of thought Activision has had sleeper agents in Black Ops 2 for a decade now.

The primary issue with essentially every conspiracy theory is that they typically require a level of competence far exceeding what the so-called conspiring party is capable of. You can come up intricate plausible conspiracy theories, and people do — and they’re all very entertaining — but the requisite competence just isn’t there.

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I’ve heard of “rogue developers” but this is ridiculous.

Honest to god, where on earth did you get this conspiracy from? It’s no where near 4/20 bro.

The most simplified version of the OP’s “theory” is that TC neglects upkeep of an old game in hopes of pushing players to a new game.

That’s not so much a conspiracy theory as it is the status quo. The only problem with that theory in this instance is that TC has also completely abandoned Gears 5.

In this case, the required level of competence is literally the ability to do nothing.


This I can understand, but the OP wasn’t very clear about it.

Unrelated, but I do wish the Horde playlists in public matchmaking weren’t 50 waves with predictable spawns and a halloween playlists nobody is in. Those were the worst two things to leave as the end of life state of 4 in PvE.

Well, the OP’s title specifically mentions TC sending aimbots sabotaging GOW4, so I thought it was totaly clear.


The only thing that was clear to me is that the OP was saying TC was sending cheaters to Gears 4 deliberately, or so it seemed to me, which obviously isn’t the case and more likely to be the result of their lack of attention toward the game. Which is an argument that could also apply to Gears 5 but we don’t exactly know if TC is banning cheaters in either game.

Sending cheaters/aimbots is different to simply enabling them (by not banning them) though. The OP has inferred both - the former in the title; and the latter in the main thread. At the very least they ought to clarify their statement.

I guess. It would be helpful if the title sounded less like they were claiming it is a conspiracy though, because that’s what people will see first and potentially falsely color their view of the actual thread if it has a point to make.

to this I say

The title is dumb, and the post itself is needlessly long winded, but the last paragraph essentially says the cheating problem in Gears 4 is due to either intentional or unintentional negligence on TC’s part, and that’s right on the money.

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I can’t read.