TC says Boltok Throttle Execution was a mistake

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.


Yeah, I’m sure they’d have kept their mouths shut, though, had twiiter not tore them a new one. Saying it’s BS is cute PR but it was a deliberate decision, not an accident.


No way to be sure but I believe that you’re right. Too many fumbles left and right makes me think some of their “mistakes” are intentional.

And nice call on the Twitter part. If it was only the forums, they wouldn’t have said anything.

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Of course. It’s like abusive partners. They behave like a violent knobhead until their partner cries or calls the Police or leaves them, then they act all remorseful with all those “I’m so sorry for what I did please forgive me”. Then the nastiness starts again. TC are testing and pushing the boundaries as to what the fans will accept. If it all goes backdraft then they just apologise. If there’s no backlash they will continue taking the mick.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.


Using the same example, we keep coming back, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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Ah but abusive relationships and accompanying emotions are complex. There is love for sure, but just a very twisted and toxic form if it.

Just to be clear that I’m not trying to trivialise domestic violence. Just pointing out that that mistakes may be mistakes, but we are all responsible for our actions. Our actions and choices may be ill-informed, impulsive or misguided, Mistakes are all very well but where do we draw the line with forgiveness? TC did not intend to antagonise their fans. But they will have intended to make money in a stupid way and the unintended consequences was antagonising fans. They really need to think more about the consequences of their actions and the effect on their fans.

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Not my intention neither, for those reading. But it’s good you mentioned it because people can get a bit sensitive in this day and age, particularly on the internet.

And agreed on the rest of your post.

Either way it’s good to have it acknowledged and not have it happen again.

Yeah this was a ‘mistake’, lol.
It as a mistake in the same way that delivery driver mac was back ‘due to popular demand.’
In the same way that bullet magnetism and aim assist ‘doesn’t exist in gears’.

I want to believe them,but due to their track record, I don’t.


Twitter is where primarily all the Gears communication happens, and where most developer communication happens for the majority of games.

I’m aware of that.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen again. TC has already made so many “mistakes” since this game has launched, and they just keep giving me more and more ammo to sh*t on them with, unfortunately.

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This will happen again. However it’s nice that they let octus acknowledge TCs mistakes.

Imagine if they actually made something great for the Gears community. Like a color picker for all weapons… Then you can earn patterns to apply however you want on it.

I’ve always wanted a feature like this ever since GoW3 released. I thought about how it’d be implmented every single day, but I’m sure the community would love a feature like that.

It would be a super fast fix for the lack of content.

So you have a color picker. earn colors for the color picker. Earn patterns to slap on the weapons.
Evolve with more color pickers/ secondary color/metallic colors/ moving colors… Same with patterns ( add a color picker earn colors for the patterns…) I mean its the best way to add so much content to this game. And sell the premium skins in the store.

1 guy can easily do 100 of patterns a month.

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When did they say this? In the last dev stream, I recall nodezero explicitly stating that aim assist has been in all previous GOW titles.

Heh, makes sense…I was not interested in getting it because I remember having it for another weapon, and I don’t particularly like this one either. It seemed a little out of place to me, definitely too expensive for what it was. The other one where you keep kicking them on the ground is cool though. I like the executions to be unique for each weapon.


They did the same thing with a fahz emote which they rereleased for del. It’s a scummy thing to do