TC San Diego Emblem is not in the esports pack 10

@NL_Grexoz @TC_Octus @anon86589457 Hi I just paid for 25 packs of esports pack 10@ $215.00 and did not pull the San Diego Emblem. can you please help me out

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I don’t think there was an san diego emblem the picture only shows san diego snub ,gnasher ,and lancer.

According to this, there should be a San Diego emblem:

Anyway, let’s just wait till more people buy lots of packs so TC finally adress this.

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Where does it say there should be a San Diego emblem?


Yesterday I bought only 2 of the packages and now I have the lancer double and bs-classical minh also double
jeaa ^^

The e-sports packs need to be like the Lambent packs system. Pay for what you really want and not by random. Your money always must have value for a reason.


I agree with API, I don’t see mention of a San Diego emblem or event emblem. Just the esports supporter 10/cash prize emblem.

The description isn’t totally clear. Under the 4th bulletpoint listing the card slots available, it says “Gears eSports Supporter emblem” but under the 6th one it says “Gears eSports Supporter 10 emblem”. N.B.: there’s also 7 bulletpoint so there’s suppose 7 cards available from this pack. I’ve not bought one myself but presume that’s an error and you only get 6 including the bonus weapon?

The description varies so implies there are two different emblems, but neither refer to it being San Diego themed ones. The list further down one lists the Cash Prize emblem only. I can see why people thought there were two emblems. The description is definitely ambiguous.