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TC Roadmap/In Progress/Known Issues List?

@TC_Octus, would it be possible to provide the community a Road Map of the work being done in the studio for all projects? I remember some of the older What’s Up article from Gears of War 4 having something like this at the bottom, but that seems to have gone away.

In general, it would be nice to see:

  • A list of known bugs that have been brought up by the community
  • A studio priority number/indication for fixes being worked on
  • Features/additions being discussed

I believe this would go a LONG WAY to satisfy some of the complaints from the community that you don’t listen to what is being said/asked for in the game. At least this way you acknowledge that you have heard the issue and are looking into it.

For example, many people were complaining about the Lizzie Ultimate crashing games. It took a while on your end to acknowledge the problem, then longer to investigate, then longer to fix. But just knowing all these things were being done along the way would have helped us know that you’re actively working on it and, if priorities are assigned, how important it was to you as a studio as well.

Just a thought… any extra communication with the community can’t be a bad thing…


I agree. It would go along way to explain in Layman’s Terms the solutions to problems. Alot of fans figured out that Lizzie’s Silverback bug would need a downloaded update to patch it, but this was never confirmed at the time and it would help to manage expectations if TC would just tell us broadly what needs to be done on their end.

I mean, the XP changes were just server-side changes that were done without any download patch and so happened quickly. If fans were informed what a fix would involve we could take that into consideration and be more patient if it takes longer.