TC Responded to my Skill Based video

Thanks for watching and the recent feedback, I don’t want this to come across as “look at me I’m right”. Just giving my thoughts on a response to my video I made. Dana, the person in the video that responded has since reached out which was nice and said the following

“Thanks for this. I appreciate your measured, well-reasoned approach. I get that your 1st video had a broader narrative but I only covered one part of your video as I wanted to answer as many questions as possible. I know there are always more discussions around movement, dmg etc.”

Thanks everyone for listening and listen I’m always fair to the devs, you have an impossible task, a random question on camera while trying to not offend the team that built the game or relay incorrect info . I just wanted to explain how it made me feel, just being honest! I only want the best for GoW and currently it’s not close enough for my liking and many others. The lancer should and does have it’s place, but currently long range play is having to much of an impact. I do not want this game to be “only shotgun”, please stop saying that.


Watched the video and just had to cringe at their response. 100% agree with your assessment, from a YouTube fan


Haha. I literally want to scream at their face when he said “I don’t think so” bro did you not design the maps lmao. Very well done on exposing these idiots and the whole core of how Versus is broken


they Wall bounced around those topics better than gears 3… awesome video again man moral of the story is that the people designing the maps and tuning never put over 24 hours in any GoW game.


Im not even 10 minutes in and I’ve already realized:

These “developers” don’t even know what they want to do with the game. If they did, they wouldn’t make the damage to the rifles or gnasher or anything customizable after release.

You guys are an official Xbox triple a titled game. Please for the love of everything get the 2 new jobs and hire someone that has played Gears 1-3 with over 1,000 hours on each game.

1st Please, I am so sick of playing lancer maps.

2nd I honestly cannot even put into words how this video makes me feel.

3rd edit, dudes literally lancering, tapping the lancer cross map with active while on stream.

4th not once in this gameplay did this dude wall bounce. Not once, and this is why the game is in the state it’s in, same with the franchise.

5th I’ve played against them before, “TC” whatever they just lancered the entire time. This is such a poor game dude. I will do everything in my power to ensure it gets horrid reviews because at this point the game is salvageable but the coalition is not. So blinded.

6th dude they’re not going to address the delays and all that because THEY NEEED IT TO ENJOY THE GAME AT THEIR SKILL LEVEL. Which is why the game and franchise is how it is, it’s been dumbed down just like you said so they as well as other less skilled players can enjoy it.


The way they answered your question the way they blew it off and running around lancering all over the map just goes to show, it’s over. Gears is done for good, the CQC shotty gameplay is done. Gears 4 is bad too. It’s just trash at this point and I’ll ensure to spread the word and have my friends do the same.

I posted my 1 star review thread and since then the games just gone down.

No ones surprised.

TLDR; game is bad because it’s dumbed down for bad devs. Watch the video you’ll see.


They are taking way too much time to answer your question!
Giving long unanswering reply: « Um so, I think with that, um its hard, because I dont think there was… I will challenge you a little bit on your video, if only because, It was, from my perspectif, it seem like very um… um… »
Not answering like a true politician


Yes! 1000 times yes!



You can see he is troubled, he didn’t expect the guy picking question to select this one …

It looks like there laughing or not even taking it serious, why even do Q n A

Also well done for asking the real questions, no other gears content creator would dare ask them, respect. Liked yr vids, keep it up


It is my opinion that, for the second question at least, they were taken by surprise. I bet had he known what the question was before he started reading it out loud he wouldn’t have read it out loud.

I also believe he knew what your video was about, but he tried to spin it back at you by saying “Center screen aiming makes gears easier.”

For a while now I have been feeling like they don’t want to purposely be mean to the fans, but they also like what they made so they won’t make many changes to the main gameplay, They seem really nice and I don’t think they’re stupid so the maps, imo, were made the way they are to encourage a certain gameplay for sure. I just wish they would be honest about it instead of trying to tip toe around it. They clearly weren’t ready for those questions and they had trouble with their answers,

I have had a long time away from VS on 5 and I can say im not angry, just sad. I wanted to play so bad and now that I have I would rather not unless something is done to tone down the Lancer gameplay. Even if that only means removing the aim assist on it and making some changes to the maps. I love gears, always have and always will, but im thinking i’ll skip 5’s VS and wait for 6 and hope that’s suited more to what I like.


He pretty much just brushed you off as a fanboy, passionate fan who wouldn’t be happy because it’s not a remake of gears 1

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I think he started reading then was like…oh no now I have to answer


This guy speaks for the whole loyal GOW community, This franchise has totally strayed away from its core values and gameplay. it sucks that for the past 3 Gears installments ive had about 2 weeks of fun and then stop playing it because of its matchmaking issues, broken gnasher and hit box, and WAY OVERPOWERED lancer play. Gears of war and gears of war maps have always been focused on close quarters. The Coalition has ruined this franchise and laugh at the loyal fans that paid 80 bills for ultimate for nothing


Centre screen aiming is far superior in my opinion, transitioning onto cover in shotgun fights is much more consistent, back a’s and front a’s are far more consistent,

I dont see why they don’t put and option in the settings so you can switch between which best suits you, I can almost guarantee that a ■■■■■■■■ of gow1 and gowUE players would play this game much more if that was the case.