TC & PvP hear out the real PvP players - feedback

If you’re reading this TC.

Hire someone who actually grinds PvP & not some pro know it all, YouTubeer, twitch star, Twitter celebrity & get yourself someone who plays ranked PvP for the joy of it!

Who has nothing to gain & wants the best for your community & franchise!

There’s plenty of passionate players that will give you the honest answer.

Serious Ranked players know what ranked players want. We play with the community all the time.

The true unsung hero’s of this game.

The people that keep us alive & well.

Think of the PvP community.



Supported. I say get two or three if them. To give critiques from various different play styles though. Even if they don’t pay them alteast offer a community outlet. Getting advice from pro players is great and all. But tournament play is completely different than online play. I think the big issue we encounter as a community is the divide of players who can’t adapt to the fast movement that want gears 1 back and the other side of players who are interested in the new mechanics that came after one. such as wall canceling, faster game pacing etc. I think this is the biggest divide among the community. I really wish TC would chose a direction and stick with it. I love fast movement and I loved gears one. The annoying thing is one OP movement is fast and next OP game is slow. Inconsistencies have been a thing with every game but the constant reverts is partially whats killing the community. Just my opinion though.


So do u have anything to say or are u one of the YouTubers


Idk if your asking me, but no I am not a youtuber, streamer or pro player. Im just an average player, maybe even abit below average. Main thing i personally wish for is TC to stop reverting back and forth with all the changes to be honest. It makes the game annoying and personally unenjoyable to play each operation. I prefer the faster type of game play and would lean more toward that but slower gameplay if done properly would be acceptable as well.


I’m not a YouTuber & my demands are easy to meet, I’d think.

Make stacks for tdm & revive guardian , bring the stats back…

All I can think of that bothers me…


Please define ‘real’ pvp player.


At least 20 days PvP , at least.

Because you know the mechanics & such around there even if you’re onyx with 20 days you still know

Then again don’t need that much time but I’d say if you put in the time you respect the grind…

Just like in anything you out time in…

So ranked players?

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Yeah , ranked

Nobody knows the pit like someone from the pit

So the opinions of those who don’t play ranked are irrelevant?

In ranked?

Why would someone who doesn’t play ranked have game changing opinions on ranked if they don’t play it.

It’s like me trying to give expert advice on horde when I haven’t even mastered it. Or PvE.

Heck I played gaurdian less than a few hours & if I have advice on that mode or try to change the mode it be a slap on the serious players who bleed that mode.

That’s why I’m thinking TC needs to hire experts so they stop chopping up modes & removing them from the playlist.

Or at least consult with someone who lives that mode to seek a genuine opinion.

Players of that mode know best or have an idea.

Not pros, not casuals, not social media users.

I’m talking about real players of the mode who aren’t the average game hopper.

Please don’t be triggered by this.


OK I understand. I didn’t quite get that you were talking just ranked.

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Of course everyone matters.

I’m not trying to exclude anyone… the more the merrier

Don’t worry the professional players have already talked about how much better the beta tuning is and Kenny bounce, an actual real professional PvP player unlike this forum even made a poll for it with overwhelming votes towards beta tuning. Thankfully they’re finally listening to the real PvP players


But I’m also referring to people who waste their lives on PvP

Not pros

There’s a difference between playing for passion & playing for lively hood.

2 different spectrums

PvP knows PvP.

I know my own backyard better than anyone else. No pro or celebrity can know my own like my own.

They been listening to pros & look at how jacked up ranked is.

Can’t even play nothing but king of you wanna play with friends.

Don’t just blindly listen to someone because they’re “pro” by the way.

I had a GB back in the day & I was like 155 to 20 & I played pros , I just don’t do that anymore.

I play for fun which it should be.

These pros have just screwed up the game. They had consideration for 4 OP’s.

Ranked has been the worst it’s ever been.

Just because you’re pro doesn’t mean you have passion. You could just be really good at what you do.

Don’t be blinded by someone being a “pro”


He did something very simple that TC couldn’t lol
I remember when FFXIV 1.0 failed, and the new game director, Yoshi P, made an awesome poll for all players about what changes the game needed, it was about content, new races (skins), other games that people played, new jobs and classes, gameplay, UI, etc. 1 year after that, the game relaunched as FFXIV A Realm Reborn as a completely new game and it was awesome. I think now it’s the first or second most played MMORPG.

Maybe this Kenny dude can tell them to bring back other game modes for friends then.

All we want.

Nothing drastic…

No new classes, weapons, anything…

Just to play another ranked game mode with bros & bro’etts



We’re not asking for much…

Bring back the game modes…

We’re not aiming for tunings or anything like that…

Just wanna enjoy the game…

I feel you…

The pros or people with a platform won’t stand up for us so who will?

Just us I suppose…


gears is that, ranked players keeping it alive.

the way to regain the glory days is to go back to that

if i was in charge, i wouldnt focus on anything like esports or any of that waste of time and energy. the game is driven by gore, horde, and ranked. put in overrun and lots of things to grind for in ranked - NOT ESPORTS STREAMS.

make it like cod were you play and unlock thing after thing

gears is a competitive game, absolutely it is, but it isnt an esports game

also, these same pros were calling previous tunings perfect.

look, i get it that they are pros and do this for a living (somewhat at least lol) but i have seen the clips they post and the arguments they make. yes, there are pros and cons to everything but sometimes they are just crying because they want to nerf their competition.

for example, hive xovios always adapts and plays the game for what it is, and you hear some pros attacking him and trying to take credit away from him. i’ve seen the plays he pulls on them and they go crying about it and post it saying the game shouldn’t be like that. it’s nonsense, you cant ever find a perfect medium.

lastly, none of these pvp guys asked for 4v4 koth and many other things

more focused on your point @GuiltyCrisis

i perfectly understand what you are saying. the regular player who keeps this game alive does not care about any pro player or “celebrity” in the community

Latam community is really all about memes and jokes, but they populate the game and due to the language barrier they are absolutely not ever involved as a group in anything any “talking head” is spewing on twitter.

i play with lots and lots of people from the LFG and they DO NOT ever mention any of this stuff to me.

There is huge disconnect from how the feedback is gathered and from where.

the other day i went down the friends list wormhole and i found so many names who dont play gears anymore. they wont play unless tdm and guardian are like they were in gears 4