TC purposely slowing down TOD Grind?

Now I may be wrong here but its pretty odd. I had two objectives that were great for double star Saturday. Win a match on Exhibit and Win a match on District. I was able to snag the one one District. But exhibit was no where to be found in the map rotation. I played a good majority of the day because this grind is not fun and I want it to be over so I can grab the achievement. Then I dont care about tour of duty. However as soon as double stars ended guess what is all over the rotation? Yep, exhibit! Now I get a whopping 4 stars instead of the 8 for a match that ended after the time frame. I almost feel like this is thier plot to drive iron sales because I am sure most are spending iron on tour of duty objectives and boost. It may just be horrible luck but it seems suspicious.

It’s just coincidence.

And quite simply the fact that TC are giving players double stars every weekend shows that they’re not trying to slow down the grind and are giving players more opportunities to get the stars they need.


Yea but half of the objectives are like one star. I forget how many total to general but it’s an absurd amount. I’m gonna keep an eye on it, its probably a coincidence. But I was seeing if anyone else had noticed something similar. The double star event kind of reminds me of giving enough to justify the low star awards verses time invested

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I finished the tour like 3 weeks ago now, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.


I doubt it. Between myself and friends, we’ve had all kinds of mixed results when it comes to the daily objectives. Sometimes we’ve had three 1-star objectives, and I’ve personally had three objectives which total 8-9 stars. On Friday my three objectives were all 3-star ones, but I maxed out General over 3 weeks ago so wasn’t any use to me at this point. It’s just RNG and some people will get better luck than others.

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Only double star day if you have boost

You guys are getting too paranoid


Maxing General rank is still very achievable without Boost.

I maxed out General over 3 weeks ago, and in that timeframe I only had one day of double stars (cos it was before the double star days/weekends became a regular thing). I got my stars by completing the medals (which I still haven’t finished yet - I’m currently on 89%) and daily objectives. There’s still 10 weeks to go.

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I know I’ve had General pretty much all month, I’m just saying it’s gonna be a lot slower to do pretty much everything without boost and boost is p2p

I have no idea how you guys finished so fast do you play in groups or solo some of them are impossible to obtain or take countless hours because randoms are the worst.

And for reference the execution one is crazy hard since everytime someone goes down some random lancer fire comes out of no where to take the down.

Mainly solo private and finding cheeky ways to do the horde medals, takes a while though


That makes sense. I wish I had friends who played this game or any game for that matter they play for like 3 days and then are never seen again lol

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It will be slower for sure, but if people chip away at it then it shouldn’t be a problem and it would only be slow for late-comers. Early-bird players wouldn’t have benefited much from the Boost and double-star events. I expect you wouldn’t have had to take advantage of the double-stars events much at all to get the General cos it sounds like we would have been progressing at a similar pace and I only had one double star day before I maxed General.

I reckon Boost is more beneficial to levelling up Horde and Escape characters.

Yea people definitely blew the ToD way out of proportion lol, the only things I really have a gripe with is character unlocks (getting 60k xp without boost is gonna be a journey) and the ranking system


Guys, listen. The “win a versus match on _____” are 100% the best objectives to get. On double stars day, it’s 6 (!) stars for basically nothing. I see constant moping about this objective here, and it’s actually so incredibly misguided. Step 1: load into a coop vs ai lobby. Step 2a: play the match if it’s the map you need. Step 2b: quit out if it isn’t the map you need, and start back at Step 1. Step 3: 6 (!!!) stars for free!!!


I always made a note to complete the daily objectives. It doesn’t take long, and many of them can be done with Horde, Escape or Versus AI.

Also I completed alot of the medals. At the time I maxed out General I had around 80%-ish completion - even now I’m still only on 89% so you don’t have to complete all medals to achieve this.

Some of the medals have short-cuts.

For example, Del’s Horde one where you have to build fortifcations, just start a custom lobby by yourself and start at wave 50 so you have lots of money, then spam barriers, rinse and repeat.

Juvie kills - sometimes you get a pack of 15 -ish Juvies in Escape mode straight after a checkpoint, in which case you spam reloading the checkpoint after you kill them.

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I finished mine last week-it’s not as big a grind as people say it is and I can see the next one being worse

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I took the hard path to earn General and I’m sure it would’ve took only two-three weeks from me as I grind a lot.
I’m Currently General, not so 3 days ago as I was busy playing Escape, and with a little iron overhead it’s simply achievable.

The idea behinds ToD is to play all aspects of the game, which why it’s the best thing that TC done till this moment in Gears 5…



Of course it is. This is how greedy corporations are. Don’t support these predatory practices people.

That’s such a bizarre, paranoid thing to think.

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