TC: PSA - we will be trying something today to address the losing of ranked points when the other team quits

We seriously need to create a bot that posts their tweets to this forum. You know, since they can’t be bothered to, on their own site


Tomorrow again

It’s always tomorrow :rofl: but it was posted yesterday, so I figure it means today

Tomorrow never comes haha

I edited my post, but he posted that yesterday, so hopefully it comes today

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Tomorrow never knows.

Name the band without Goggle :wink:


@III_Essence and @HUG3_N3WB appreciate both of y’all for providing links via threads on THE OFFICIAL GEARS OF WAR WEBSITE.


I’ve turned on Twitter notifications for all gears Twitter accounts and the developers/community managers accounts.

So I’ll be posting any worthwhile stuff here whenever I see it


Appreciate that man. Keep up the good work


Edited the title from saying tomorrow to today, to eliminate the confusion that it is actually today that this should be going into effect

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Thanks for the post, it will be interesting to see how they’ve improved the ranking situation

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Yup. There’s nothing more frustrating in ranked than getting MVP and losing points, or playing well and losing points just because some inconsiderate d0uche quit the match

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No offence to them but TC are very bad at communcating with the fans. It’s so hard to know what’s going on with the game when they don’t bother to tell us until RIGHT before they’re going to do it.

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The reason they post on their twitter instead of here is to gain a bigger twitter following. Wouldn’t you rather have more followers too?

The Beatles?

Oh oh I got it!!
Green Day!

TC need to make a bot to post from twitter/fb/reddit to here.
We can dream a?

On topic, anyone seen any further info on this? Or do I need to go though the hellhole that is twitter?

Gears 4 leading views for Gears 5 at the moment. Chase is playing Gears 4 lol.

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