TC, please update the underwhelming Stats/Leaderboards

So I just wanted to make a thread comparing the stat tracking/leaderboard system of Gears Of War 1 + 2 and put them against Gears 5 just to highlight how truly embarrassing I feel that they are in Gears 5.

Gears 1/2 stats -

Gears 5 stats -

So can somebody please explain how backwards Gears 5 is? I can see my “uptime” which I couldn’t care less about, I can see both my eliminations and kills per minute (practically the same thing) rings capped per minute, what is this per minute thing all about, literally why should I care? I can see all these nuance/impractical things but I can’t see how many kills I’ve got, how many deaths, how many matches I’ve played and W/L, can’t see my kill/death ratio.

I also miss the idea of Weekly/Monthly leaderboards, as Gears is such a small community I really used to enjoy looking at the top 100 weekly/monthly leaderboards for my specific mode that I play, Warzone in G1 & Guardian in G2, KOTH in G5 you’d recognise a lot of people and it would be fun to compare your stats to theirs. I know people used to be crazy with K/D ratio in Gears 2 and such.

To summarise i’m really not sure if I’m just an old head who is out of touch and just looks back with nostalgia but surely old and new players alike can come together and say that the stats in Gears 5 are a complete joke.

TLDR: Please read it and give your thoughts, I’d love for this thread to gain traction and for TC to make a much needed change in an underestimated and undervalued part of the game (imo)


Just logged in to say couldn’t agree more. Looking at your two screenshots really emphasises your point and the Gears 1 stats were nowhere near as detailed as some of the other games. It’s like they didn’t get time to finish the stats page off in G5.


The score per minute is basically to show how “effective” of a player you are compared to others instead of just showing the sheer number of kills and deaths to do so. While the higher score per minute clearly shows a better chance at it being a good player…it’s pointless to compare to everyone when there are boosters, people that play in a team and therefore have a better chance to gain score per minute, and varying game modes with varying chances for points means the score per minute is ultimately hard to use as a measuring stick.

I much preferred the old kills, deaths, assists, score, etc in total leaderboards. And like you said, by month means you see how you are doing compared to who is playing RIGHT NOW. Not just who played a lot or hacked the leaderboard a year ago.

That’s how good , and ahead of its time Gears 1 really was! When rank actually ment something! When your rank was actually based on individual skill! Not how
bad your team was.

You could see the ranks in the lobby. It ment something to play against a top 100 player. Bring your A game. The trash talking in lobby between teams was funny and fun too.

This Tier system blows. And the rank categories are for the most part non interesting. Bring back the leaderboards!

Yeah gotta wholeheartedly agree here. G1/2/3 stats were leagues ahead of the pointless rubbish we now get.

The weekly and monthly stats were what got me into chasing leaderboard numbers in the 1st place. Hitting high on them gave you the encouragement to push harder and aim for the real top 100.
Finally cracking and then climbing the 100 in g3 exe was probably the most fun I have had with gears since learning to bouce in G1.
The thing I really miss about this is that once there, most of my games would fill up or consist of a lot of the said leaderboard. It proper gave you rivals to beat (looking at you filthy and brutal legend, scumbags). Provably good players to measure yourself against, actual competition that you cared about.
sigh So many stories, good times.
Hell, theres only a few replies here and I see one of the guys that I recognise from top 100’s in g3.
And knew to be wary of when they were slumming it in social exe.

Most of what we have in gears5, like you mention, is just useless info.
What IS the point of the ‘per minute’ rubbish? Apart from FFA, no game mode wants you to get the highest points in the fastest time, so why the F is that information included for KOTH?
What’s the point in relating it to time in say tdm? Where a match will slow right down as everyone gets to their last lives and everyones ppm will obviously nosedive.

On top of TC focusing on irrelevent stats, those same stats are completely broken.
Yeah TC I am sure somones getting 60 kils a minute in TDM when you can only potentially spawn 5 or 6 times in a min (and that’s ignoring respawn protection etc). It is not possible!
Same goes for the ppm stat, like of course some dude has 10,000 ppm in koth when the theoretical top ppm would be around 9,000 per minute.
They have never even acknowledged the completely broken stat system!

The kicker is that you KNOW that the are basing parts of their ranking system to look at these impossible stats and then wonder why it doesn’t seem to work properly.

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Bumping this, TC please improve leaderboards…

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Amen man, even the website used to show all legacy stats now all we get is a card with 6 stats on, truly laughable.

I don’t understand why this was flagged.

I agree 100%. Such a shame since i sent something similar to Rod before he left TC and he said it was a “great idea”, The fact that they didn’t think of doing this first baffles me.

We need in-game stats like Gear of War 3.
Kill/Deaths & Win/Loss.

Gears 3 had the best in-game stat tracking system.

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Yeah Gears 3 was actually insane, I didn’t remember it being that good but I went back and looked and it was great,

Somebody was streaming Gears 3 versus the other day and WOW graphics and gameplay were AMAZING.

Game was actually a masterpiece. Visually and Gameplay both.

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From a gameplay standpoint I loved the balance and simplicity of gow 1, 3 suffered with balancing issues, still fun though.

TC bring proper stats to Operation 4 please

Yeah it was very fun though. Both Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 3 were great games.
Gears of War 1 was the best.

Also please add the option to see the scoreboard post game, absolute sin that I can only see it briefly after a match has just finished.

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I’ll settle for a War Journal, I just wanna know all the damn ribbons.

I miss weekly score leaderboards