[TC] Please update the emerald skin quest dates

Can we please get dates added to the remaining emerald skin requirements?

I want to set a calendar reminder for the upcoming live esport events, but can’t as you don’t have the dates listed.

The page in question: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/esports/Emerald-Phantom


Thank you

This skin set is not being handed out anymore so the dates are not irrelevant now since it was only to celebrate last year Pro circuit event. I think you’re under the wrong impression that the skin is still given out as same time as last year, it’s not unfortunately bud.


So I played escalation for nothing? Damn it!

Is there any other phantom skins up for grabs this year?

Thanks for letting me know

unfortunately you did.

The new skin set given away is the syndrome weapon skins

Though, they haven’t set a time schedule / tasks to complete to get them skins, but its usually watching the weekly esports streams on live.gearsofwar.com on Wednesdays. (forgot the time when it starts though)


Thanks for the info bud.

Those skins aren’t as sexy as the phantom ones :confused:

I might partake though, depending on the requirements.

The re released the normal Phantom skins a little while ago i don’t know if it was every skin but i know i have two hammerbursts and retros for the normal Phantom. If they put those back out they may do the same with the Emerald and that other Nuclear one.

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It wasn’t the whole set, they brought back a particular weapon on random weekly esport’s streams

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Those only seem obtainable by watching streams, nothing else about in-game requirements.

Well thats a shame… I have most of them just missing Boltok and Boomshot but i’m not worried about it. Also have the Full Emerald and Pink ones. Who knows they may finish it one day or another.