TC Please Remove The Lunge From The Melee

The melee is awful and I truly don’t understand how it made it into the game in it’s current state. When the rifles were overtuned on release, I didn’t like it but at least I understood it, a company wants an accessible game and they have to find the balance between challenge and accessibility. I get that. And I get why they had flashbangs (mostly) in order to break up an entrenched team. In general, I’m find with good ideas even if they are executed poorly because we can work to make those things better.

BUT THIS?! Who has EVER played this game and thought “know what we need? a better melee!” It’s not strategic. It’s not skillful. It’s ridiculous in concept to have a knife be such a strong part of gun combat. Most importantly, it’s not FUN! It doesn’t feel satisfying to get a kill using the melee, and it’s wildly frustrating to be killed by it. If you run into somebody who has truly incorporated the melee into their gameplay, it’s just awful to play against. The person doesn’t do anything right, they don’t move around their surroundings in a thoughtful way, they miss their shots, and they will never improve on those things (which is the core of Gears MP gameplay) because, since they have an “I WIN!” button, they don’t have to! It’s an embarrassing addition to the franchise, plain and simple.


Yea just let them get it out of their system so we can move on.

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I never thought of that, believe it or not. Excellent reference.


times have changed. Gamer honor is almost non existent. Almost


YOU didn’t think of Batman?? Ima go with “or not”

I think you sit at home with the full suit on all the time

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Hmm…curious that’d you have such a highly accurate guess, Skywalker…

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funny it was developed for that thing. Stayed way out of ranged against someone using it the other day, still got DBNO.

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Evidently you were still in the same map…


But then it is NOT a Gears game anymore
Gears 1-3 had ALL a viable melee system don’t you know?

You have to laugh at the ‘richer melee experience’.
Who the feck wants a richer melee experience in a bloody shooting game?
The talk of combos is just daft as well, do they not realise that any version of the 2-piece has been incredibly contentious, if not outright hated by the community?

I tell you who likes combos though, mr two-piece fergusson.
The whole melee system reeks of rods lack of skills.

At least it makes me laugh when it homing lunges downs to ge thte kick on them.


The knifing is bad and I’m just starting to finally adjust to it with all the players who are using it every chance they get on me… I’m also frustrated by it and can’t wait for it to be fixed.

Gears has become a Gangland knife fighting simulator…

Knife, shoot
Shoot, Knife
Knife, Knife

Knife around corner
Knife sideways
Knife through meatshield…

Knife, knife, knife…

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I just played a match where a player with a 80ms ping was sponging everything but he was shooting through walls. I’m getting full pellet hits with a Gnasher that aren’t doing damage at all while their shots are clearly missing by 5 feet and I’m exploding into chunks.

Whatever they did to the hit detection with TU2 has completely ruined the game.


Yeah, we can skip that middle part and just leave the rest, haha :slight_smile: The middle part is just “fill in the blank”


Same here. And because the hit detection with shots is so bad since TU2, you can’t even counter with a one shot like you used to.


I am convinced I’ve found part of the issue.

It’s the lobbies being full.

In a ranked match it’s 5v5 with a total of 10 players. The whole match is running poorly but in the 5 matches I’ve seen a player quit the hit detection became 100x better the moment that player left. It doesn’t matter what the quitters ping was - it just felt better. The moment this player joins back the lag gets really bad again and once he leaves it gets better.

The same can be said for coop versus AI. 5 players only but with a full lobby it’s a sponge fest with a muddy feel. When one player leaves the game begins to run smoothly immediately but once that final spot fills again, with the same or different player, it breaks down again.

Every time. Never fails. So what did they do to cause this? The last slot of a match breaks the experience.

I always knew they should have left it as 4v4.

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It would mess up with the 8th player then.

It doesn’t matter how many players are allowed. It runs poorly when that final slot is filled. It began happening with TU2 so whatever is causing it needs to be addressed.

I’m sure they’ll say I’m full of crap but every time my above scenario happens the game runs better.

Dudes spamming B button should get -150 points per kill. Call it scrub tax.


Can we pin this somewhere please? This is 100% accurate