TC Please Remove The Lunge From The Melee

I don’t care if you want a knife to be the melee weapon. I would prefer the old weapon melee but whatever. What bugs me is that there’s a commando style lunge in Gears 5. It’s a cheap way to get a kill. Use the lunge to melee an enemy from 10 ft away then gnasher them while they’re stunned. It’s a noobs way of getting a kill. It’s not skillful, it’s just annoying and screws with the flow of the game. The skill gap in Gears 5 is non-existent. You shouldn’t be able to launch yourself at the enemy and melee them modern warfare 2 style. If I wanted to play COD I’d go play COD. For the life of me I don’t know why anyone at TC thought adding a lunge to the melee was a good idea. It needs to be removed from Gears 5.


Please make the melee identical to Gears 4. Anything more is just asking for trouble.


I swear the past 2 nights it was even more pronounced. I probably just played trash who dont know how to play without spamming beatdown, but the lunges looked like the distance was buffed.


I was under the impression the lunge wasn’t in mp, just a knife swing

That sounds terrible!

Who wouldn’t feel dirty using that lunge in mp?

Not a true gear thats4sure


It’s there.

You’ll see enemies not even looking at you and all of a sudden they lunge are you. Whether it’s a true lunge or just the game compensating the lag is something no one knows.

Sounds nasty, been in horde awaiting ranked fixes before I bother much, played abit of guardian, 7/10 wins 4da challenges but the playerbase dropped so quick I haven’t found a game since, but im rather impatient too so not searched 30min like some do

Yea kinda glad I’ve been in horde this wkend, TU2 seems to have broken more, who woulda thought? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Everyone, lol. It is TC we’re talking about here.

Melee is king and gun shots do no damage. The game isn’t even registering hit markers on enemies who are standing still when you can clearly see the pellet go into the enemy. But the enemy is killing me with their back turned on my screen. When I do get the kill there’s a delay in giving me credit as if I’m on a 200ms ping.

That’s a very big issue. The algorithm for online play has been messed with.


Kinda makes me wonder if TC should do a melee based game :rofl::rofl:

It would be amazing if that was your thing, lol.

All anyone does is melee. The lag is atrocious and players sponging like it’s going out of style. I shoot a Gnasher point blank, full pellet hit mind you and melee then knowing they’re going to melee me. I do 51% damage from the melee and the Gnasher did 0%.

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Maybe the melee just needs to be reduced to 25% dmg of full hp or something so its incredibly risky to go in knifing, obv no real good until shots are landing too, but 2swings of melee shouldnt be so powerful that it’ll kill, 4maybe??

I’ve been saying this since the very beginning. Yet another decision clearly not made by Gears fan, just generic game design employees.

They’ve completely broken the game. I’ve seen more players use melee in the last 2 days than I have since launch. The hit detection is so damn bad right now due to TU2 that everyone is defaulting to melee.

Just another pathetic update by TC. I don’t doubt that they work hard on the updates but they’re not very good at their jobs. This game had plenty of development time yet these inexperienced developers couldn’t even release a half working game. Each update, which is meant to address issues, creates more and even worse issues than those that existed before.

The time for excuses are over. You guys released a product knowing damn well that it was a steaming pile of crap and you can’t fix it. This is like Batman Arkham Knight on PC all over again but it’s an all platform issue. Recall the game now and start over. There is no fixing it at this point.



The update on the 13th should see an adjustment to the melee. Granted it shouldnt be in pvp but they aremt budging from removing it.

No… Gears4 melee was SH*T

I called it. The week of launch after playing escape and using the melee and then playing versus and seeing the same exact mechanic, I knew eventually everyone would be doing it. It took a bit but now I think it’s safe to say MOST people especially in KOTH use this in their every day gun fights.

Normally I’ll be the shark before I let myself get eaten by the shark but I can’t bring myself to use this melee. I’d rather go play roblox.


I’m pretty sure it’s a lunge. In no other Gears game does you character launch forward at the enemy when you melee. N0DE even responded to me as to why they implemented it. He said:

"We have been looking for a way of bringing a richer melee experience that can provide more combo opportunities and more flexibility. It was originally developed for the mace. We also wanted a standardized melee no matter what weapon you are holding. ‘b’ means melee now, not a random thing

We knew it was a risk in PvP but we wanted to keep it kind of consistent with PvE for launch. It still wasn’t identical. Now that we have the player feedback, we are working on a tuning set to make it more PvP tuned in PvP modes."

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As it should be. Things are beautiful when the melee is sh*t.

Currently it’s like playing this new version of bowling where you get to throw a stick of dynamite down the lane along with your ball.


I suppose I’m the only one that wanted melee to be a big FIST with your bare hands.
I mean , I suppose Gears don’tget jacked just for the aesthetics …

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