TC please remove destroyable fabricators

Yea the only way we lose the fab is when poison modifiers are enabled on certain maps otherwise its a non issue

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The stupidest part of this change was that, as others have said, you can still “block” with it, you can still “cheat”. If you place the fab at the right angle on Blood Drive no large boss can pass it.

It was just a quick solution implemented poorly. Why not just make it so enemies “teleport” around it instead of creating game breaking situations?

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Or just leave it as it was. I don’t ever played forge long time ago even with that glitch, is a ugly map both artistic and for gameplay purposes. Does blocking path work on Ritual for example? Ephyra? Instead of encourage players being better players, they do a hard work to keep away with their stupid ideas like the boomshots scions on harder waves, the stupid auto aim, they never fail a single shot

It punish the players that try to flank them or use smart ideas to kill them, no way, they simply turn around 180° in a milisecond even if you’re too far. And the players still hiding in a small place exactly where we spawned instead of try to cover half of the map. I was failed a match 'cause the other 4 players hide in the small house on River, letting the bunch of enemies enter. I put fabricator outside to not allow the team hide, they still hide like rats, of course they weren’t able to kill a single f@%!#cking enemy, meanwhile me as slugger I had to use my grenades and gnasher with ultimate to smash them but it wasn’t enough.

Making destroyable fabricator was one of many hindrances, even If I can surpass those idiotics artificial difficulty, those aren’t enjoyable actually. Plus try to find non braindead players which is the real difficulty and challenge on this game. Not everyone have a full squad every day, My only recurrent friend who plays very well can’t play, and other friends are tired of Gears, and other friends who still play aren’t actually good, those who still buy lockers being tactician, no matter if you teach them how to play, is another hindrance thanks to TC to not teach them how to play, just they want to promote the grind or simply buy on their store.

In a sense, it isn’t a big deal because it doesn’t happen all the time, but it is definitely a big deal when it does happen. Also, I forgot to mention that when it does happen, there is no more depositing dead teammates and that will increase your chances of a wipe. It is a fix that needs to happen soon, though.

Yep, It’s still usable in the blocking department lol, but honestly barriers are just as good. I would also not even call a cheat because guardians and sentinels can easily get past it, and we have all experienced a wipe out at the hands of them.

Using the fab as a barrier was a choice that everyone could make and did make. The idea, which was thrown around, that they couldn’t play a game where it didn’t happen, was just not true. Anyone could host their own game and anyone could control the fab being used a barrier. I am sure someone will tell me I am wrong, but 100s of games were played without it as a barrier and a fair few were on Forge lol.



Why is it ‘stupid’ and ‘cheating’ to use the fabricator strategically? And what part of ‘it can now be destroyed’ are you not understanding? That’s the risk trade off of using the Fabricator as a strategic fortification.

The Fabricator and its positioning has been used strategically in a spawn blocking function ever since the game launched, so I don’t understand why people are getting their ‘knickers in a twist’ about it being used in that way but now being destroyable.

Enemies do teleport around it, ever seen juvies and sires seemingly walk through it as if it’s not even there?

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There is actually an option to remove the destroyable fabricator in the custom horde optìons yourself …or am i being too literal :stuck_out_tongue:

A little too literal. Sure, you get rid of the problem by removing the fabricator but then you’re stuck without one when you may want to still play with it.

TC is obsessed with fighting what they see as abuse or cheating but in reality it comes down to micromanagement of the gaming experience. They want you to play how they imagined you should play, and any succesful strategy which does anytjing else needs to be derailed witj custom nerfs and limitations.

All that launch time of this game being about playing how YOU want to play was pure BS.


Sires do this all the time.
I still play blood drive solo for tours of duty challenges and see them fly right through the box.

Also if a warden or carrier pounds the ground outside on the steps it blows up pretty much everything in a base, including the fabricobbler. Ive seen the irrepairable blob glitch numerous times even when im not using it for a barricade.

Another destroyed and unrecoverable Fabricator in a Horde Frenzy on Turbine. Couldn’t build anything from wave 6 on. And this was not being used in a strategic way, it was set right at the back.


How was it unrecoverable ?

I don’t know who brought it back or what happened.

We got overwhelmed by DR1’s and one of them I think destroyed the Fabricator and turned it yellow. Someone obviously brought it back to red and from thereon you couldn’t access it or move it. It was just a red blob as you can see in the image.


I am very lucky of not finding this glitch, but it’s pretty annoying.

Also, double point taking the screenshot with what Mac said :+1:t2:

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That bug sucks so hard. I’ve had another instance of that a couple of days ago as well. It’s so stupid and basically can ruin the rest of the match.

This right here, was the point of this entire post.

This bug destroys matches, and only the happens because the fab can be destroyed.

However “cheating” using the fab to block is debatable, but any change that can break matches was a bad move on TC’s part.

Matriarch too.

If you’re in a match where the fab is destroyed, you need better players.


That’s a silly blanket statement. Many factors can destroy a fab on good teams.

-Occasionally when Aggressive enemies is on a Warden will make a beeline for the fab and power attack, destroying it.

-Boom Scions can lob a boomshot across the board and randomly hit the fab.


-Silly map specific glitches.



Had that happen several times last night. First time it was a Boomshot from across the map out of nowhere nailed the fabricator. Soon as it was rebuilt 2 wardens barreled in with full gorilla strength, smashed every fence, sentry, and then beat the hell out of the fabricator while ignoring every player along the way.

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