TC please remove destroyable fabricators

An example of a change made in this game that just made PVE worse, fabricators that can be destroyed.

It really doesn’t help you cheat except on maybe 1-2 PvE maps and then only if you set it correctly. The vast majority of players didn’t exploit this anyway.

However, what it did do is lead to multiple broken horde matches for me late in the game.

My most recent example was the fab being permanently immovable after repairing it (post destruction), so we lost the 4K power and the fabricator was a red blob.

But then something really weird happened, a scion “destroyed” the red blob with a boomshot making it yellow again, but then we couldn’t repair it at all, making it permanently disabled.

I know TC isn’t fixing the game anymore, but just turning fabricator destruction off should be a simple switch flip.

Having them able to be destroyed just to prevent cheating is fine, but not when it breaks the game otherwise.


TC is still fixing the game.


Disagree. Used to be that Forge accounted for like 60% of the custom lobbies, and Blood Drive accounted for most of the other 40%. That dramatically dropped after this change.

If the fabricator dies, then we’re likely doing extremely poorly. It rarely happens to me, and if it does, we’re probably wiping soon anyway. I say keep it.


Didn’t break the game if you ask me. Annoying at first, sure, but we’ve since adapted and moved on.


I don’t see a reason that the fabricator can be broken such easily unless you’re playing blood drive only.

In all honesty, I’ve seen the fab broken twice in hundreds and hundreds of games.


The only thing I’d change about destructible fab is enemies only actually attacking it when their path is completely blocked by it. I fail to see why they should attack it the exact same as a stupid decoy or tap while the last one left standing on your team is Jack or not inside the base.


i tend to agree…it was exploited greatly imo. Mechanics would routinely use it as a barrier instead of building one…

I maintain that we should have at least been allowed to toggle whether to have the fabricator destructible or indestructible. Lane blocking never needed to be discouraged in Gears 4, and I don’t see why it needs to be discouraged now.


Still all ignoring the fact that this can cause a game breaking glitch.

And idk what people are talking about saying it never happens. Depends on the map. A random boom round or a feisty Warden can instantly destroy a fab, regardless of how it’s going.

The unmovable fab is a glitch. If TC is fixing stuff, fix it, it’s been happening for 3+ Operations.


But it doesn’t just affect the Fabricator, it also affects other fortifications as well. I’ve lost barriers before when they were yellow, turned back to red and then couldn’t be moved or brought back. Same with weapon lockers.

It’s a glitch/bug, you just have to live with it and hope it doesn’t happen.

And yes, I’ve also seen plenty of fabricators destroyed in games as well.


TC is still alpha testing the game.

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TC has a very well established tradition of putting in ‘fixes’ which cause far more harm than was caused by the problems they were trying to fix. Both in PvP and PvE.


While it does not happen all the time, it is a glitch that, in my opinion, needs to be fixed asap. Recently lost the fab on Speyer wave 26 and to be fair we had a decent base built, but I was worried about the Matriarch. Low and behold wave 30, and she stomped all the way through every inch of the base and as on top of things as we were (no one to blame other than ourselves really lol) we still somehow missed some barriers and there was no more building.

Any way, there was never a need to make the fab destructible other than a BS excuse made up by TC lol. I have dealt with it being destructible, but now that it can be destroyed and made useless, it’s a serious problem that needs fixing.


Thank you. Everyone saying “hey no biggie deal with it” obviously haven’t had a fab turn into a red blob on wave 37 because a Sentinel got a lucky shot. And I’ve had it happen to other non fab fortifications too.

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Yeah, that is a legit problem.

Luckily a RE can fix it with a headshot, but if you don’t have a RE on your team, you’re kind of ■■■■ out of luck.

I was not saying it’s not an issue. Of course it is. But I only commented on the fact that enemies with their stupid AI and/or TCs half-■■■■■ implementation of this “feature” is a problem. There is literally no reason why they should actively shoot at the fabricator when there is nothing else nearby for them to hit or go after on the map. It’s not a tap or decoy, and since TC was so afraid of players blocking paths with it, enemies should treat it as an obstacle like level 3/4 barriers or a weapon locker and only hit it when their path is actually blocked by it.

Even if they do not fix the issue it would at least cut down on it in some scenarios. The best alternative if they refuse to make it invulnerable again is to only make it take melee damage so you can actually use it as a coverpiece as well again if you’d like.

Change was made at the behest of whiny horde players thinking it would change gameplay on a few maps. Forge was bound to grow old at some point. Pretty sure it can still be run the exact old way with a few barriers.

It did nothing but create a few new problems.

Typical player base type of complaint (they won’t play my way so I’m telling mommy).

Typical TC reaction (quick response with a bad solution).


I mean, the custom lobbies for Forge went way down after this change was implemented. I’m pretty sure it did its job.

Makes me want to run some tonight, but alas it is movie time.

I think a bunch of nerfs, changes, and other things changed gameplay at the same time. I wouldn’t attribute it to just the fabricator change.

I know for certain I’ve run Forge same way since the change with little issue. Maybe a repair on occasion. Haven’t done it lately, so things may have changed.