TC Please release past Tour of Duty

Hello there, I resumed the game in the current operation after abandoning it in operation 4 due to lack of time.
I would like to have the option of doing the tour of duty of past operations.

Please consider the option of being able to choose to do tour of duty past, for me and many players I think it would be more hours of fun and entertainment. And so we could enjoy your work on past skins and designs.


U weren’t here then u missed out.

This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way.


Mando wins best post of the day!


Slow day I guess.

I actually think it’s a good idea. Apex has seen a resurgence since opening up past tours.

Certainly when the game is no longer supported.

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I guess that would be a way for players to get their hands on some of the rewards that are not supposed to go to the store.



Vode An is for true Mando fans :wink:

Yes. They still have to “earn” them, but it also would give some timed exclusivity.

It’s a great way to prolong the life of a game. It also allows people who pick the game up for the first time years from now a chance to acquire cosmetics otherwise gone forever.


Vode An is better than “this is the way”

To H*** :smiling_imp::fire:

Uh… no?

Just the children of the watch saying :sunglasses:

What religion do you follow that makes that a sin?
Legitimately curious.

It’s a joke based on that overused line.

Like the TOXIC skins?

Future content, blah, blah, blah.

Anyone from TC care to comment on this set??:thinking:

Which would be a total of 8 skins (1 COG and 6 Swarm) and 1 weapon set.

I feel it, honestly sad to see that since the introduction of the Store TC chopped off half their TOD rewards and now every single medal is just 3-5k coins.

Kinda flys in the face of “play to earn” model anyways. It’s still play to earn–but faster if you pay.

Heroics the exception of course.

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I was gonna say something but then lost my train of thought

This is the way