TC, please reduce the amount of rings in Koth

This is why Allfathers works so well, and is picked almost every time it comes up to vote. All spawns are equidistant to every ring on the map. Meaning that there are no needlessly distant spawns, or having the enemy flank you via spawn. The layout of the rings helps as well, given that there are multiple access points to every ring, with no bottleneck choke points, making it easier to break, and harder to cap, which creates a more intense gameplay (the one exclusion to this could probably be the raised middle platform ring). It also helps prevent camping.
So, as i’ve talked with both friends here and in party chats, it would be great if all maps just had only 2-3 rings that were equidistant from each teams spawns. This would fix so many issues with spawns, camping, flanking, running randomly into enemies with spawn protection, and many other issues.


Came in here thinking wtf, have left agreeing with you.

TC don’t seem to get how to make the spawns equal and have even less understanding of what a fair distance to spawn from the ring is, so reducing the rings to just the central line would be a pretty good workaround TBH.


Exactly. Its a simple fix and would be a solution to a lot of my issues with koth.
But given its simplicity and that it would probably work, TC won’t do it…


Part of the frustration on larger maps is the ability to manipulate enemy spawns on large maps by a good team. Spawn you in the distance every time.


I think the reason for Allfathers being popular is due to it being the best map to get a high number of kills/elims and therefore higher points for the rank system. That’s why I vote for it anyway. If you have a good match as a Master’s rank you can get a good 40 odd points on that map usually.

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