TC, Please Read This!

Please understand I’m NOT bashing this game, but rather providing feedback.
Could we please severe the link between characters and class abilities? TC has said that adding new characters to the roster takes much longer due to having to create new class abilities. Why not be able to choose your class no matter what character you choose? It is only a win-win situation for everyone. We all get a larger roster, and the Devs don’t have to make classes/assign them to new characters! I’m sure this has been suggested by many others, and it should be taken heavily into consideration! Any feedback is welcome. Thank you!

I quite like how it is at the moment and when we have more characters there may be some that are a mix of classes

I guess I just really miss the roster size and way of unlocking things from Gears of War 3. They had that system right. I also miss playing Horde how it used to be without classes, but to each their own. All I know is that this roster has got to get better soon. I understand they’re working on that, but it is so small and very unusual for Gears of War.

More characters are coming this month and I’d expect more before Christmas. My highest is a level 9 so I have plenty still to do with the current ones and that’s if I can actually rank them up, not getting anything for playing horde at the moment

The only TC employee that’s on the forums is @TC_Octus. You’re more likely to get your post seen by TC if you try to contact them on Twitter. I’d recommend trying to get hold of TC Octus on twitter. At least he tries to communicate with the fanbase. Trying to get TC’s attention on the forums is basically like screaming into the void.