TC please read this. If I could just ask for one thing to build the immersion of this game

The gnasher gibbing is a staple in the Gears of War franchise, we know this and we love this; we can all agree on that. Nothing has changed about that and I’m sure you guys are happy with where it’s at for the most part and I would be inclined to say I absolutely agree and thank you for all of your hard work. But please allow me to get in-depth and unpack a very distinct and major theory of mine. In my heart as a fan I truly feel this is my most important post about gears and I wish someone from the team would take the time to look into this and at least take it into consideration and I thank you all for taking the time to read this. Please let me begin.

The gibbing rag doll physics: the effects on the gibblets and gibbed character model felt heavy and impactful when using the gnasher in gears of war 2 and I feel that there is something here worth really looking into. Please let me explain further and you will understand exactly what I mean as we move along.

The gibbing with the gnasher in gears 2 just had that perfect bounce the way it knocked a character back and his giblets depending on whatever side and angle you shot from. Just look how the gnasher kinda launches and lunges the opponent’s character model and his gibblets back but only a mere few feet out before it kinda thuds/sinks to the ground anticlimactically sometimes slides across the floor from the impact. And it always stayed consistent blowing the character model back in the appropriate direction in accordance to whichever angle you connected your gib shot from. It was absolutely phenomenal brilliant rag doll/ shotgun physics in that specific scenario that made it so addicting. There was this believable weight to this rag doll physics that was the most dynamic. The way that gnasher rocked a enemy back when you gib in gow2 was something that stands out.

Please hear me out. If you say we want to abandon the tuning and the movement of gears 2 I say fine that is totally reasonable. Please, in regards to what makes a good experience with a gnasher do not neglect the gib physics of gow2. At the very least take these mechanics and expand on it but take the time to look into this. I want you to get a team to really explore that claim and analyze why I make this bold statement about gibbing with gnasher in gears 2. What am I ranting about? I urge you to do your research and explore this theory please.

To be even more clear. It was precisely the behavior of the gibblets and character model when you got in range with that gow2 gnasher that got me hooked and made me a long time loyal fan. It felt so rewarding and I was so behind in the skill gap it made me want to play to get better and decipher all the nuances. “How can I get closer without getting wrecked. What is it going to take. I have to get better at aiming.”

This is what made gears pvp so special to me. I strongly feel this timeless gibbing mechanic was something overlooked by the community and no one ever articulated on what was so good and charming about gears 2. That was one of the main things that made it special. The way the gibblets reacted to the gnasher.

Also the gore itself was more advanced it showed the locust intestines and ribs and it was actually gritty and characters had flinch animations. These things made execution my favorite mode because u felt something special when all of the gore and the one-life-aspect made for fun intense competition. While creating drama and a immersion that made every mistake extremely punishing. The feeling that you need to be good at this game or you will let your team down and you will know you have lots of training and practice to do. I understand that this is a knit pick to some and maybe a niche detail to be over analyzing. But I truly believe that this is the kind of thing that needs to be brainstormed and pinpointed when making a game.

After gears 2 the grittiness was gone and the gibbing and gibblet rag doll physics became extremely light and feathery and lack luster and shallow up until this day. Gears 4 and 5 kindaaaaa improved it from 3 but they try to hide the fact that gears 2 was darker and grittier and more immersive in many little avenues of detail which made the pvp feel satisfying. they always dance around that apparently unnoticed fact. It’s the physics in gibbing from gears of war 2 the heaviness of the gibs and the explosiveness of the gnasher. That contrast between the two interacting with eachother was special and it is the gore and grittiness that this franchise is missing please understand.

There are many welcomed changes you guys have made but you were still severely missing the mark with the gibbing and character physics from gnasher rag doll gib shots and to me this is a subtle thing that would add a lot of grittiness and weight. Little accents to immersion that you need to take from gears of war 2.

This will prove my point even further… the bullet tracers in the gnasher, hammer burst, lancer, boltok, longshot, were muchhhhhhhhhh more well done in gears of war 2 than in any other installment. Could this be due to the cooler color pallets that gave this impression I don’t know but there is something that is noticeably better looking about it. I will make a more thorough post in the future with clips to back my claims when I build my pc.

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Video shows the huge, huge step back TC has taken in that immersion feeling you’re talking about. Characters feel empty and weightless, executions look silly due to body parts flying everywhere with no sense (batista bomb is prime example), blood looks like jelly, blown up bodies look like Jell-O and not, well, blown up bodies, chainsawing looks dull, etc etc etc.

This topic definitely isnt something that affects gameplay, or anything TC would or even could fix a year and a half later. However I am hoping to see a return of that Gears of War 1 and 2 gore in the next game, as its one of the main things that hooked me to the series so long ago.


Refreshing to hear a fellow fan that know exactly what I’m talking about. Let me just saythis. Ya know… I’ve thought about this a lot man and there’s so much stuff to point out that is missing right? But out of everything that’s lacking out of alllll the stuff that is so badly missing from those details in gears today I truly feel like nothing would set the tone again like bringing back those physics of how a gibbed character would rag doll in gears 2 it is soooo underappreciated and never really acknowledged or elaborated on enough. This is something so distinctly different about the way it looked and felt in gears 2 to gib with a gnasher… but back to what you were saying yeah gibbing is weightless and they fly all over the place back then the body kinda stayed in tact and went limp and it was still a gib and you felt them get blown up but it was so much more personal and intimate back in 2 just that sight stands out to me more than any other gears game. One thing that I loved in gears 1 that was just as almost just as good and impactful was chainsaw kill animations from gears 1. Also good stuff haha.