TC Please Read **Regarding New Achievements**

The amount of time the new 100K Kills Achievement and 100 Million Damage requires is in-human!

Please go to 1:53:34 and 1:52:09 on the developer stream below.

It just shows you their logic and obviously haven’t thought about it.
Dana says 100 K Kills would take 3 weeks lololololol


There’s already a post about these “new achievements”
Eleminations by assist dont count for kiils, ie if u down someone but another kills them it wont count. U have to kill them.

These achievements should be obtainable in all modes including campaign👀


cheers will do

Just shows you how out of tune they are. TC has completely bombshelled this game. Realistically getting 1K kills in versus would take you 10-12 hours if you are doing very well. Then you have to do that 100 times. So they are basically saying:

Just play our game 15 hours a day everyday and you’ll get it. Thanks a lot for catering to people who can literally do nothing but play gears while the rest of us try to live out our lives and do other things :joy::joy:

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absolute joke man! maybe they will see their errors and reduce the requirements ! guess we have to just keep complaining

You guys are absolute savages lol.

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TC has already shown they don’t care anything about the community. Yes I’ve played Gears 5 since launch. If I had played only PVP I might have the achievements but I played other aspects of the game also. It’s absolutely ridiculous that TC thinks someone playing on a casual basis would be able to do this in three weeks. All I can say is karma is a b*tch TC.